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Use the Process Online Bill Payments screen to select payments to transmit to vendors via Kotapay. The transactions listed in this screen includes Payment type transactions that were entered in the Actions > Enter Transactions screen and Online Bill Pay type transactions that were selected in the Actions > Manage Payments screen.

Note: This screen includes transactions for only those Accounting CS vendors that have been linked to an Kotapay vendor in the Setup > Vendors > Online Bill Pay tab.

Choose Actions > Process Online Bill Payments.

Fields & buttons

To filter the list of transactions in the grid, select the criteria by which you want to filter the list.

As with many of the processing screens throughout the application, the grid consists of two tiers. The first tier lists the client ID and the associated bank account. Click the + sign next to a client name to expand the grid to display individual online payment transactions for that client.

Mark the checkbox next to the payment transactions that you want to transmit to Kotapay. To select all payments for a particular client, click the checkbox next to the client ID.

Accounting CS displays the total number of payments that have been selected to transmit to Kotapay.

Click this button to open the View Transmitted Payments dialog, where you can view the list of transactions that Accounting CS attempted to transmit to Kotapay and the transmission status of the transactions.

Click this button to display the Request Status Update dialog, where you can view updated transmission information for transactions with a Pending or In transmission status. Kotapay will return the following status updates.

  • Successful. Kotapay has issued a written check or processed an ACH file for this payment.
  • Pending. Kotapay has received the transaction, but it has not yet processed the payment.
  • Failed. Kotapay could not process the transaction. Kotapay will provide an error code and an explanation for the failed transmission.

Click this button to open the Transmission Information dialog, where you can view and update your Kotapay account information, including the login, password, card serial number, and multifactor authorization credentials.

Click this button to transmit the selected transactions to Kotapay.

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