Remote Payroll Time Entry Options dialog

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Use the Remote Payroll Time Entry Options dialog to specify options to configure the remote payroll time entry option for the selected client's NetClient CS remote payroll users.

Choose Setup > Clients and then follow these steps.

  1. Click the Payroll Information tab and then click the Edit button.
  2. In the Payroll Schedules section, click the Ellipsis button button.
  3. In the Payroll Schedules dialog, click the Edit button.
  4. In the Time Entry Method section, choose the Import option, select Remote payroll entry from the Source drop-down list, and click the Ellipsis button button.

Fields & buttons

Deny access. To make a screen or tabbed page unavailable to the client's NetClient CS remote payroll users, mark the appropriate checkboxes.

Time entry. To mask the data for pay rates and amounts and/or deduction rates, mark the appropriate checkboxes. The application will display five asterisks (*****) in the field instead of the actual rate or amount.

To hide the Overtime hours and/or Double time hours column from the Remote Payroll Time Entry screen for this client, mark the appropriate checkboxes.

To have the application send your client an email message when timesheet data is available, mark the Client checkbox. The application sends the email to the address specified on the Setup > Clients > Main tab. To specify a different email address, mark the Other checkbox and then enter an email address in the associated field.

To have the application notify the appropriate staff member when payroll processing is complete, mark the checkbox for the staff members to notify. The application sends an email to the staff member selected in the Staff Assignments section on the Setup > Clients > Main tab (using the email address specified for that staff member on the Main tab of the Setup > Firm Information > Staff screen). If no email address has been added for a staff member that is designated as Primary processor, Backup processor, or Reviewer, the checkboxes for those designations are grayed out in this section.

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