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Use the Select Liabilities dialog to choose whether to generate various types of liabilities as open or closed when entering historical payroll data. All tax types display in this dialog whether or not the client has employees subject to that tax type (local withholding, for example).

Choose Actions > Enter Transactions. After entering a handwritten check (to enter historical payroll data), click the Generate Liabilities for Handwritten Payroll Checks link. In the Generate Liabilities dialog, select Historical Checks as the check type, mark the checkboxes for the checks for which you want to generate liabilities, and then click the Generate button.

Fields & buttons

The liability types listed are:

Federal taxes

  • FICA
  • Federal withholding
  • Federal unemployment

State taxes

  • State withholding
  • SUI
  • SDI
  • Other. This category includes many state tax items that don't fall under the specific state tax categories listed above. Some examples of these are Nevada MBT Tax, New Jersey FLI, New York ECET, New York FLI, Oregon Transit Tax and Statewide Transit Tax, Washington FLI, and Waterfront Payroll Tax.

Local taxes

  • Local withholding


  • Workers' Compensation

Within each section, choose whether to generate the specific taxes and liabilities as open or closed. Choosing Closed will generate both the liability and a payment for the full amount of the liability, so it is recorded as paid. Choosing Open will generate only the liability, recording it as unpaid.

This checkbox is available only for clients that are set up to impound tax agents.

Mark this checkbox if you want to exclude from fund processing the liabilities that you are generating as open. (Closed liabilities are always excluded from fund processing.)

When you have made your selections in this dialog, click the Generate button to generate the liabilities as you have specified.

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