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Report profiles are intended to make your routine report printing quick and efficient. A report profile is a group of specific reports for which you define print options and a collation sequence. Accounting CS enables you to create an unlimited number of report profiles for your firm and for individual clients.

The report profiles that you create in this screen are global across the firm, and they are available for all clients. You can create profiles that are comprised of Firm reports to include information for your firm's use only. Or you can create profiles that are comprised of Client reports that you or your clients can use as a template for creating client report profiles in the Setup > Report Profiles screen.

Choose Setup > Firm Information > Firm Report Profiles.

Special information

If you make changes to a report that is included in a report profile, the application does not update the report in the profile. To include the changes in the report profile, remove the affected report from the report profile in this screen or the Setup > Report Profiles, and then add it back to the profile.

Fields & buttons

Displays the name of the selected report profile. To create a new report profile, click the Add button and enter a name for this report profile.

Choose the type of reports that the profile will contain. The option you choose here affects the list of reports available for selection in the Report Selections dialog. If you chose Client reports, the list includes only those reports that use client data (i.e., reports in the Accounting, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Payroll, and Workpapers folder), financial statements, and letters. If you chose Firm reports, the list includes only those reports that use firm data (i.e., reports in the Firm folder).

Note: Only the report profiles for which Client reports is selected this screen are available in the Firm profile drop-down list in the Setup > Report Profiles screen.

Displays the list of reports that are included in this report profile. Click the Ellipsis button button to open the Report Selections dialog, where you can select reports to include in the profile or remove reports from the profile.

The drop-down list for this field includes all of the reports selected in the Report Selections dialog for this report profile. Select each report, one at a time, and choose options for each report.

Note: Accounting CS does not allow you to set up filters for fields that could potentially differ between clients (bank accounts, account segments, departments, employees, chart of accounts, etc.) at the firm report file level. To apply these filters for a report profile, you must select them on the client level in the Setup > Report Profiles screen.

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