Previewing reports and adding annotations

The application enables you to preview the selected reports and report profiles before you print or send them to other applications and files. You can preview those reports for one or more clients at the same time.

Click the Preview Selected button on the File > Print Reports screen.

Click the Print Preview button in the File > Report Designer screen.

Note: The Print Preview screen also launches automatically to display the diagnostics reports for a client following a backup or restore that is initiated in the Client Data Management Utility screen.

Print Preview toolbar

The toolbar buttons in the Print Preview screen enable you to view reports for multiple clients in a single workspace and also to perform the following tasks.

  • By default, the first report in the Selected Reports list is displayed in the Print Preview screen. You can select another report to view from the Report Preview drop-down list in the upper-right of the preview screen.
  • Print the current report that is displayed, a range of pages in the report, or print all reports in the selected group of reports.
  • Copy report content to the Microsoft Windows clipboard.
  • Find text or values in a report.
  • Insert annotations in a report.

    Note: To insert an annotation, click the Annotations button on the toolbar and drag and drop the selected annotation from the pull-down menu into the report preview screen. Right-click the object and choose Properties to modify items such as, fill color, text, alignment, and so forth.

  • Change the view between single page, multiple page, or continuous scroll.
  • Refresh the current view when you have made data changes in the application or design changes in the report, financial statement, or letter within the Report Designer.
  • Zoom in or out on a report.
  • Page forward and backward in a multiple-page report.

Print preview toolbar

Adding annotations to reports

Use the following steps to add an annotation to a report from the Print Preview screen.

  1. In the Print Report screen, select reports for which you would like to add annotations and click the Preview Selected button.
  2. In the Print Preview screen, click the drop-down arrow next to the annotations button in the toolbar, select the annotation type and drag and drop it on the report in the viewer.
  3. Right-click the annotation and choose Properties.
  4. In the Annotation's Properties dialog you can customize the appearance, layout, and add text to the annotation, as necessary.

  5. Click the Print button to print the report and attached annotations.

Note: Annotations can be printed from the Print Preview screen only and are no longer available when you exit the Print Preview screen.

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