Enroll > 94x Client PIN screen

Alerts and notices

For payroll compliance (annually licensed)

You can no longer enroll clients via Accounting CS to receive PINs for 94x e-filing. For more information, see Ending 94X client PIN enrollment and filing.


Choose Actions > Enroll > 94X Client PIN.

Fields & buttons

You can filter the data that is displayed in the Client enrollment grid by using the filter. For information about filtering data in screens, see the Searching and filtering data procedure.

The grid contains all clients that have neither a client PIN entered nor the Reporting agent checkbox marked in the Federal 94X Additional Information dialog. Mark the checkboxes for the clients you want to enroll. Use the filter to display fewer client records, if necessary.

Note: All fields for the client you are enrolling must contain information. This screen uses the information you have entered in the Main tab of the Setup > Clients screen. The Client Contact and Signature Name are entered in the Additional Contacts dialog, which is opened by clicking the Ellipsis button in the Additional Contacts section of the Main tab.

To view the information within the currently selected client enrollment files, click the Preview Selected button.

Click the Manage PINs button to open the Manage PINs dialog, where you can view the status of previously sent enrollment files and preview the contents of selected files.

This button is grayed out and unavailable, as of the 2019.2.0 release. For more information, see Ending 94x client PIN enrollment and filing.

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