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Positive Pay is a service offered by banks that allows you to electronically share your check register with a selected bank. The bank will then pay only checks listed in, and using the same specifications as, that register (amount, payee, check number, etc.), thereby reducing the likelihood of check fraud.

Accounting CS can automatically create Positive Pay files to send to your bank. Currently this feature is supported only for the firm impound banks.

Choose Actions > Process Positive Pay > Impound Bank Accounts.


  • you can filter the data that is displayed in the Positive Pay files grid by using the filter at the top of the screen.
  • Payroll, liability, and vendor checks that are printed or voided with a net pay amount from the impound bank account(s) marked for Positive Pay will be included in the Positive Pay file. Deleted checks will not be included in the file. If the Positive Pay file has already been created, Accounting CS will treat a deleted check as a voided check and make it available for inclusion in the file.

Fields & buttons

You can filter the data that is displayed in the Positive Pay file grid by using the filter. For information about filtering data in screens, see the Searching and filtering data procedure.

The Positive Pay files grid displays all transactions from bank accounts set up to create Positive Pay files. In the Process Positive Pay Impound Bank Accounts screen, click the plus sign next to the bank account to display individual transactions. Select transactions by marking the checkbox next to the transaction or select all transactions for a bank account by marking the checkbox next to that bank account. Use the filter to display fewer transactions, if necessary.

Prior to creating Positive Pay files, you can preview the transaction information by clicking the Preview Selected button.

Click the Manage Files button to open the Manage Files dialog, where you can preview Positive Pay files you have created.

The file location displays the default file location for Positive Pay files. When you click the Create Files button, the files will be stored in this location.

Click this button to create the Positive Pay files and store them in the default file location.

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