View Maintenance dialog (Workpapers List portlet)

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Use the View Maintenance dialog in the Workpapers List portlet to select, remove, reorder, and reset  columns in the Workpapers List grid.

Click the View Maintenance link at the top of the Workpapers List portlet.

Note: Modifications that are made to the columns in the View Maintenance dialog are user-specific and apply to all binder views of the Workpapers List portlet for that user.


Select. Click to move items from the Columns Available list to the Columns Selected list.

Remove. Click to move items from the the Columns Selected list to the Columns Available list.

Move Up/Move Down. Click to reorder the list of selected columns in the portlet.

Restore Default. Click to reset the columns to include all of the columns in the Workpapers list portlet.

The following default columns in the application appear in this order from right to left in the Workpapers List portlet.

  • Engagement Binder
  • Folder
  • Type
  • Reference
  • Name
  • Assigned
  • Status
  • Notes
  • Signoff Types
  • Roll Forward
  • Delete on Finalize

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