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For licensed users of Accounting CS Workpapers

If you are licensed for PPC's SMART Practice Aids and have the application installed, you can link engagements to SMART Practice Aids from within Accounting CS Workpapers.

Use one of the following methods to open the Engagement Binders screen (from the main application) or dialog (from the Workpapers Dashboard).

Choose Setup > Engagement Binders in from the main screen of the application.

Click the Add Engagement link in the Workpapers Dashboard.

Right-click the an engagement binder briefcase Briefcase icon in the Engagement Binders Tree portlet, and choose Properties.

Special Information

Fields & buttons

Lists the names of the client and engagement that is linked to PPC SMART Practice Aids.

Button Function
Add button Launches PPC SMART Practice Aids to enable you to add a new, or update an existing engagement.


  • You cannot delete/unlink PPC SMART Practice Aids from within Accounting CS Workpapers. They must be deleted/unlinked via the PPC SMART Practice Aids application.
  • When PPC Engagements are deleted/unlinked from the Engagement Binder in Accounting CS Workpapers, the following occurs.
    • The PPC SMART Engagement is no longer listed in the PPC tab of the Engagement Binder screen.
    • PPC SMART Engagement documents in the Engagement binder that were previously linked with the SMART application, are displayed as Microsoft Word documents and can only be opened in Microsoft Word.
    • Roll Forward settings in the Workpaper Properties change to Exclude instead of Replace - SMART Practice Aids.

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