Finalizing the engagement binder

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For licensed users of Accounting CS Workpapers

Prior to finalizing the engagement binder, be sure to check in all workpapers. You can clear any unnecessary notes prior to finalizing the engagement binder, or alternatively clear any notes on the first screen of the Finalize Engagement Binder Wizard.

  1. Right click in the Engagement Binders Tree Portlet and choose Finalize from the context menu. If you have workpapers that have a Checked out status you will need to return them to the binder, or discard the checkout prior to finalizing the engagement binder.
  2. On the Notes screen of the Finalize Engagement Binder Wizard, click the Delete all notes checkbox to delete all notes in the engagement binder or click the link for specific notes in the Subject column to modify or delete the selected note, and then click Next.
  3. Potential journal entries that exist for the posting period associated with the current engagement binder are listed in the Potential Journal Entries screen. You can click Cancel to exit the finalize process to clear any potential journal entries or click Next to continue with the finalize process.
  4. Workpapers that have been marked for deletion in the Workpaper Properties dialog are listed on the Workpapers to Delete screen. Mark the Retain checkbox next to any workpapers that are listed to keep in the engagement binder after the finalize engagement binder process is complete. Workpapers that are marked for deletion are permanently deleted during the finalize process and cannot be restored if you choose to unfinalize the engagement binder.
  5. Click Finish to complete the Finalize engagement binder process.


  • All workpapers in the finalized engagement binder change to a status of Protected (read-only).
  • You can open Microsoft Excel or Word workpapers from the engagement binder as read-only in their native application.
  • You cannot run the finalize process if one or more of the following conditions exist.
    • The engagement binder has already been finalized.
    • There are workpapers that are currently checked out from the engagement binder.
  • The finalized engagement binder briefcase displays with a lock briefcase icon in the Engagement Binders Tree.
  • Right click the finalized briefcase in the Engagement Binders Tree and choose Unfinalize from the context menu to return the engagement binder back to an active state with the status of all workpapers as Available.
  • To rename a finalized engagement binder, you can right click a finalized briefcase in the Engagement Binders Tree and choose Properties.
  • You must unfinalize an engagement binder before you can delete any workpapers from an engagement that is currently finalized. 
  • The Print and Roll Forward options are the only options available on the Engagement Binders Tree portlet toolbar in a finalized engagement binder. Also, the Delete command is unavailable from right-click context menu.

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