Using the Notes List portlet

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The Notes List portlet enables you to review all of the notes in the selected engagement binder. From this portlet, you can modify, reply to, or delete notes as needed.

For licensed users of Accounting CS Workpapers

  1. Add the Notes portlet to the Workpapers Dashboard by clicking the Select Portlets link at the top of the Workpapers CS Dashboard, marking the checkbox next to Notes List, and clicking OK.
  2. In the Notes List portlet, select the engagement binder from the Engagement Binder drop-down list to view all notes that have been added for that binder.
  3. Click the text link in the Subject column to open the selected Note in the Notes dialog.
  4. Modify, reply, or delete the note as needed.
  5. Click Done to save the changes and close the Notes dialog.


  • You can filter the data that is displayed in the Notes grid by using the filter. For information about filtering data in screens, see the Searching and filtering data procedure.
  • Notes that are assigned a priority of High turn red in the Notes dialog and Notes portlet.
    Column heading Description
    Engagement Binder Displays the engagement binder that contains the note.
    Folder Displays the folder in which the note is contained
    Type Displays an icon for the type of object to which the note is attached (engagement binder, folder, or workpaper type).
    Workpaper Reference Displays the workpaper reference for notes on workpapers.
    Workpaper Name Displays the workpaper name.
    Subject Displays the subject of the note as a link that can be to open the note in the Notes dialog.
    Created By Displays the staff ID of the person who created the note.
    Created By Displays the staff ID of the person who created the note.
    Assigned Displays the name of the staff member assigned to the note.
    Status Displays the status of the note.
    Priority Displays the priority of the note (low, normal, high).
  • The note type is represented by an image in the Type column. (For example, Briefcase icon engagement binder, Excel icon Microsoft Excel workpaper, Folder icon engagement folder, and so forth.)

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