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For licensed users of Accounting CS Workpapers

Add the preview portlet to your Workpapers Dashboard view to see a preview of your Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, or Adobe PDF workpaper as you click an item in the Workpapers List portlet or the Engagement Binders Tree portlet. The preview is updated each time the workpaper is selected.

  1. Click the Select Portlets link at the top of the Workpapers Dashboard to open the Select Portlets dialog.
  2. Mark the checkbox next to Workpaper Preview to open the Workpaper Preview portlet in the Workpapers Dashboard.
  3. Click a Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, or Adobe PDF document in the Engagement Binders Tree portlet to view it in the Workpaper Preview portlet.


  • If you preview a Microsoft Excel 2010 workpaper that contains many extra blank pages, the application may generate an error, as well as lead to further issues when you attempt to send the engagement binder that contains the Excel file to PDF, FileCabinet CS, or GofileRoom. Refer to this Microsoft Community article for potential solutions to this issue.External link (What's this?)
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  • When you first launch a Microsoft Word or Microsoft Excel session in the Preview portlet, several seconds may elapse while the application creates the preview for the selected workpaper. Following the creation of the initial view, subsequent previews will load faster.
  • The Workpaper Preview portlet is read-only and cannot be edited.

Use the various buttons on the toolbar in the Workpaper Preview portlet to control image size and general viewing properties.

Button and Action
Zoom tool
Increase/decrease the viewing size of the document and select the loupe or pan and zoom tools from the pull-down menu.
Actual size
Display the document as actual size.
Fit size
Display the document so that a single page fits in the view.
Fit width
Display the document so that the document fits the width of the viewer window.
Sliding size scale
Adjust the size of the document by using the sliding scale or by selecting a zoom level from the drop-down list.
page view
Select a page view: single page, continuous, facing, continuous-facing.

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