Setting up clients for accounts receivable processing

Alerts and notices

If your accountant has enabled the Accounts Receivable service to add receivables processing features to Accounting CS, you must specify settings in the client record before you can begin processing accounts receivable activity.

  1. Choose Setup > Clients and click the Accounts Receivable tab.
  2. If applicable, enter the reference number to use for the next receivable transaction you enter .
  3. To have the application display a message prompt if you enter a reference number that has already been used , mark the Prompt when using duplicates checkbox.
  4. Select the default general ledger accounts to use.
  5. Select the criteria by which to sort invoices (customer ID, customer name, date, due date, or reference number).
  6. Select the default invoice layout to use when printing invoices.
  7. To include your logo on your invoices, click the Ellipsis button button to browse to the image file.
  8. Click Enter to save the client record.

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