Integrating data from CSA with UltraTax CS (FAQ)

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Product support for the Creative Solutions Accounting platform ended on September 30, 2020.

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Yes, by first assigning appropriate tax codes to each account (or by setting up tax code account groupings) from the Chart of Accounts window in CSA and then completing the import from within UltraTax CS. For details, see Importing account balances from CSA into UltraTax CS.

Yes, with CSA v.2004.x.x or higher and UltraTax CS (or GoSystem Tax RS) v.2004.x.x or higher. For details, see Opening CSA from UltraTax CS or GoSystem Tax RS for fast updates of client data via JE.

Several changes were made to the CSA database structure with version 2004.1.x, and those changes required corresponding changes within UltraTax CS to support the import of data from CSA.

To import client data from CSA into UltraTax CS, you must install and run the appropriate version of both programs (as listed in the following table). Also, be sure to download and apply all of the CS Connect updates that have been made available for the versions of both the CSA and the UltraTax CS software that you are using.

CSA Version Tax Year UltraTax CS Version
CSA v.2004.1.x or higher 2003 or later UltraTax CS v.2003.9.x or higher
CSA v.2004.1.x or higher 2002 UltraTax CS v. 02.9.2 or v.02.10.1
CSA v.2003.4.x 2001 or earlier UltraTax CS v.01.x.x,
UltraTax CS v.00.x.x,
and so forth
  • Be sure to back up your CSA client database prior to opening it in a newer version of CSA. A client database is automatically updated to the current version in CSA and can no longer be opened in a prior version of CSA.
  • To import from CSA into UltraTax CS for tax years 2001 or earlier, you should use a separate installation of CSA v.2003.4. We recommend installing the earlier version of CSA on a separate workstation that will not interfere with more current versions.

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