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Product support for the Creative Solutions Accounting platform ended on September 30, 2020.

Help & How-To Center content for the Creative Solutions Accounting platform may be outdated and is used at your own risk.

Keyboard shortcuts are special keys (such as F1 and ESC) that you use either alone or in combination with CTRL, SHIFT, or CTRL+SHIFT. These keyboard shortcuts enable you to access various types of help, to quickly navigate through fields in windows and dialogs, and to open drop-down lists without having to use the mouse.

The following table lists the keyboard shortcuts in Engagement CS.

Shortcut keys Description
F1 View help on current field or option
CTRL+F1 View overview help for the active window or dialog
CTRL+V Paste
CTRL+W Edit a custom fieldview
CTRL+Z Undo last change
Navigating and Special Functions
CTRL+F Find a record (based on the text you specify)
CTRL+L Search within a drop-down list for specific text or character string
(Press CTRL+R to continue searching for the next instance of the character string.)
CTRL+N New document
CTRL+O Open engagement client
CTRL+P Print
CTRL+ALT+R New review note
CTRL+S Open the Sign Off dialog
F2 Save data and return to the previous window or dialog
F3 Open a context menu relevant to the selected dialog or field
F4 Open the drop-down list attached to current field
F5 Refresh display
CTRL+F6 Move between open windows
F7 Display the popup calculator (from amount field only)
F9 Move to previous field
F10 Move to next field
END Move to last character in current field
ENTER Press the default button
ESC Close dialog without saving changes
HOME Move to first character of current field
CTRL+HOME Move to first record in window or dialog (while in Browse mode)
CTRL+END Move to last record in window or dialog (while in Browse mode)
TAB Move forward through fields or make selection from drop-down list
CTRL+TAB Move to next tabbed page
CTRL+SHIFT+TAB Move to previous tabbed page
From an MS Excel or MS Word workpaper opened from within Engagement CS
CTRL+ALT+A Insert "N/A" notation at the cursor position
CTRL+ALT+G Mark as procedure completed (inserts user initials and system date at the cursor position)
CTRL+ALT+J Insert a checkmark at the cursor position

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