Synchronizing with the Field Master Client Data or Office Master Client Data

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Product support for the Creative Solutions Accounting platform ended on September 30, 2020.

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If you are connected to the Master Client (MCD) via a network connection there is no need to check in or check out documents to update the Master Client Data (MCD) and Local Client Data (LCD). Updates to the engagement that are made by engagement staff working in the field can be updated in the MCD using the synchronization process.

  • If you have access to the Master Client Data (MCD) via a network connection, you can choose to synchronize with the MCD at any time.
  • You can choose which engagement files to synchronize with the Master Client Data (MCD) or Local Client Data (LCD).

We strongly recommend that all members of the engagement team synchronize their Local Client Data at the end of the day and at the beginning of the day to ensure that they have the most current engagement documents, workpapers, and trial balance (when applicable).

  1. Choose Tasks > Synchronize to open the Synchronize dialog in Engagement CS.

    Note: When you choose the Synchronize option, the application will try to connect to the Office Master Client Data location as set up in the Setup > User preferences dialog. If that location is unavailable, then the application will attempt to locate the Field Master Client Data Location. The following dialog appears if the application finds neither location:


  2. Enter or browse to the Office/Field Master Client Data, and then click OK to open the Send and Receive Files dialog.
  3. Click the Select Documents to Send button to open the Select Documents dialog, and mark the checkbox beside each file that you wish to send to the Office Master Client Data location.
    Note:All the documents listed in the tree view of the Select Documents dialog are marked by default if the Send files to Master Client Data checkbox is marked in the Send and Receive files dialog. You may unmark any documents that have been previously selected. Only active documents in the engagement will be listed in the tree view.
  4. Click the Synchronize button to start synchronization with the Office Master Client Data.

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