Troubleshooting client database issues

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Product support for the Creative Solutions Accounting platform ended on September 30, 2020.

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When I try to open the client in CSA, nothing happens. If I try again to open it, an error message says the client is already open. What do I need to do?

Try using the Repair utility, which can usually correct minor data errors (which occur as the result of a power surge or sudden power outage when the client is open in CSA).

  1. From the CSA main window, choose Help > Repair.
  2. On the File Locks tab of the Repair dialog, check to see if the client you are trying to open is listed as being locked. If is locked, highlight the client name and then click the Delete Lock button. Otherwise, skip to Step 4 below.
  3. Click the Done button to close the Repair dialog and then choose Help > Repair to re-open it.
  4. On the Clients tab of the Repair dialog, highlight the client you wish to repair and then click the Compact Client button.


  • If the application displays an error message while the client database is compacting, please record the message for future reference.
  • If the application displays a message that the client database was compacted successfully, try opening the client again. If it opens successfully, you may begin processing.
  • If the client database still does not open properly, or if the application does not confirm that it compacted successfully, please choose Help > On the Web > Ask Support via Email to request assistance.

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