CSA: Unadjusted G/L Balance in Bank Reconciliation Does Not Match Chart of Accounts Balance

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Product support for the Creative Solutions Accounting platform ended on September 30, 2020.

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The Unadjusted G/L balance on the Summary tab of the Bank Reconciliation dialog may be different than the Chart of Accounts balance (or the balance on the General Ledger report) due to a reversing overdraft journal entry. This may cause the Bank Reconciliation to be unreconciled by the amount of the journal entry.


You are saving 2 years of transactions. The following overdraft journal entry is created on 12/31/07.

In the next month, i.e. 1/31/08, the program reverses the overdraft journal entry created in the prior month. The following journal entry is created.

The Bank Reconciliation for 1/31/09 may be unreconciled by the amount of the reversing overdraft journal entry in 1/31/08, i.e. by $1000. Your Unadjusted G/L balance may be $1000 less. Due to saving 2 years of transactions the original overdraft journal entry created in 12/31/07 will be deleted and cause this problem.


  1. Make a backup of the client.
  2. Move the general ledger period back to the earliest period with transactions (i.e. In the above example move to 1/31/08).
  3. Delete the reversal of the prior period overdraft journal entry. This is the journal entry with a reference of XX.1.
  4. Re-enter the reversal as a regular journal entry to maintain the correct Chart of Accounts balance.
  5. Move the general ledger period forward to the current period.
  6. Open the Bank Reconciliation dialog and delete the journal entry you re-entered in Step 4. The journal entry should appear on the Checks and Other Debits tab of the Bank Reconciliation dialog. To delete the journal entry highlight the entry and click the Delete key on your keyboard.
  7. The Bank Reconciliation should now show the correct Unadjusted G/L balance.


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