Form 945: Adding 1099 items to vendor or employee records

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Licenses for Payroll CS, Trial Balance CS, and Write-Up CS (but not Engagement CS) permanently expired on March 1, 2017. CSA will not include 2017 tax rates or payroll forms, so, for 2017 and beyond, you will need to process payroll in another application. We recommend Accounting CS Payroll and myPay Solutions. For more information, see the following topics.

Creating the 1099 item

1099 items are set up in the 1099 Items dialog. Here you provide a description for the 1099 item and specify which 1099 form should be printed for this item at year end and which box the amount should transfer to within the form.

Note: To have amounts associated with 1099 items retrieved into Form 945, the 1099 item must be set up to go to box 4 of the following 1099s: 1099-DIV, 1099-G, 1099-INT, 1099-MISC, 1099-OID, 1099-PAT, or 1099-R.

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Adding a 1099 item to a vendor record

In the Distributions tab of the Vendors window, select the 1099 item in the 1099 item column of the 1099 distributions grid. At the end of the year, the 1099 total amount associated with this 1099 item will be retrieved into Form 945.

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Adding a 1099 item to an employee record

If all or part of an employee's earnings should be retrieved into Form 945 at the end of the year, the employee must use a pay item that is associated with a 1099 item in the Special Information tab of the Pay Items dialog.

If there is not yet a pay item set up to use the appropriate 1099 item, create one in the Pay Items dialog. Next, add the pay item to the employee's record in the Earnings tab of the Employees window.

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