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Product support for the Creative Solutions Accounting platform ended on September 30, 2020.

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The Financial Reporter module within the Creative Solutions Accounting software provides a diagnostic feature to detect basic syntax errors contained in formulas - which, for this purpose, are defined as account groups, account numbers, additional amounts, and numeric amounts found in the Amounts field of row properties or in the Contents or Period field of cell properties.

The financial statement diagnostic is designed to help the user detect basic syntax errors before the statement is actually previewed or printed.

From Financial Statement Editor, choose Utilities > Verify, or click the /_images/acct_pr/csa/frs-verifybutton.gif Verify button on the toolbar.

The following list contains the various error messages and possible causes that may be encountered when the financial statement diagnostic is processed and an error condition is detected:

Error Message Possible Cause
Invalid period indicator Undefined period indicator in formula
Invalid amount type Undefined amount type in formula
Invalid amount type or period indicator Colon missing in formula qualifier
The word acct is missing Single account or range must begin with "Act"
Acct must be followed by ( Format is something other than "Act(###)"
Missing account number Account number (###) missing from "Act( )"
Account does not exist Account (###) not in Chart of Accounts
Acct/Acct range/Acct group/formula cannot begin with +,*,//,[,],>,< operators Formula begins with invalid character
Acct/Acct range/Acct group/formula cannot end with +,-,*,//,>,< operators Formula ends with invalid character
Unbalanced brackets Uneven number of brackets in formula
Unbalanced parenthesis Uneven number of parentheses in formula
You can't have an operator(+or-) on the first or last character in the period Period indicator in formula is invalid
You cannot have * / () ., operators in the period Period indicator in formula is invalid
Account range can't start with the word TO "TO" not between acct. in range
More than one TO found in the account range "TO" listed more than once in range
Account group does not exist Account group in formula not set up
Invalid account does not conform to COA mask Account in formula in conflict with mask
The : has to be inside of the [ ] brackets Colon not contained within qualifier brackets
You can't have consecutive operators in the period A single operator must separate period indicators in the formula.

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