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Use the Insert > Edit Conditional Expressions dialog to define the conditions in which a row or series of rows should print.

To insert a new conditional expression, choose Conditional Expression from the Insert menu. To update an existing conditional expression highlight the IF row while in row mode, and then choose Edit > Conditional Expression.

Fields & buttons

Enter a description for the conditional expression.

Beginning/Ending Row
Enter the range of rows that you would like the conditional expression to apply to. For a single row, simply enter that row number in both fields.

Otherwise row
Mark the checkbox to activate the otherwise row field. In the Otherwise row field, enter the row number for the row in which you would like the specified amount(s) to print if the original condition is not met.

In the Condition group box, specify the conditions under which you would like the specified range of rows to print. For example, if you want the CostofSales account group to print if it is greater than or equal to the Base account group. In the first field, choose Cost of sales from the drop-down list. In the middle field choose › =. In the last field choose Base from the drop-down list. You may also enter amounts or accounts into either field in the Condition box.

Note: You may press F5 to open the Formula dialog when the cursor is in the first or last field of the Condition group box of the Insert Conditional Expression dialog.

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