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Financial Analysis CS enables you to go beyond traditional financial statements and present a detailed analysis of your client’s financial strengths and weaknesses. You can create financial ratio reports, graphs, and custom financial reports, including comparative statements of financial data between two or more companies. This allows you to benchmark your client’s financial position in relation to other similar companies or to an industry standard. Financial Analysis CS makes setting up peers, or similar companies for comparison, easy so that you can quickly present valuable comparisons and prepare meaningful reports. You can use the filter feature in Financial Analysis CS to assign peers to a client based on the criteria that you specify, such as industry code or annual revenue.

You can request data sorted by Assets and/or Sales from the Data Exchange and RMA–(Risk Management Association) Annual Statement Studies databases within Financial Analysis CS. In addition, the Data Exchange module provides you with the ability to create up to 10 custom data sets for each of the ten years of data for a client. Industry results that you obtain from the Data Exchange module and the RMA databases can be stored in Financial Analysis CS and used to create meaningful industry reports for your clients.

Financial Analysis CS allows multi-user functionality, and is part of the CS Professional Suite Accounting products, enabling integration of your client financial data with Write-Up CS and/or Trial Balance CS. This integration reduces the need for repetitive data entry, and enables you to quickly set up new clients by using data that is already in your CSA software.

For integration with Financial Analysis CS to be available, you need to have installed Creative Solutions Accounting v.2004.4.1, or higher. You can download the latest version of CSA from

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