Setting up accruable benefits

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Use the Accruable Benefits screen to set up benefits information that will be needed for a client's employees.

To add a new accruable benefit for a client, follow these steps.

  1. Choose Setup > Accruable Benefits.
  2. Click the Add button to begin setting up a new item.
  3. In the Identification section, enter a unique description for the accruable benefit and a report description (which displays on reports and check stubs).
  4. In the Accrual Information section, the available fields change depending on the selection you make in the Method drop-down list. Choose the method of accrual and specify if the allowance is to be a fixed amount or based on a graduated table.

    Note: If you select Graduated table, click the Table button to open the Allowance Table dialog, where you can specify allowances for the accruable benefit based on length of service. See Setting up a graduated table for accruable benefit items for more information.

  5. In the Eligibility section, specify when the application should begin to accrue the benefit item for the employee and when the employee can start to use the accrued benefit item. For details on the fields in this section and how the application handles the delayed accrual and availability of the accruable benefit, see Accruable Benefits > Main tab.

    Note: Setting up accrual and use delays here for the accruable benefit does not activate the benefit on any employee records automatically. It will apply the appropriate delays to employees for whom the accrual benefit has been activated in the Accruable Benefits tab of the Setup > Employees screen.

  6. In the Limits section, enter the amount limits (in hours) for the accruable benefit. If the accruable benefit is using a graduated table, the limit amounts will be specified in the Allowance Table dialog and all the fields in this section will display (See Table).
  7. In the Balance reset section you can specify if or how often accruable benefit balances are to be reset. You can choose from Per Year, Anniversary, or Never, and then you can specify the maximum number of hours that an employee can carry over when the balances are reset.

    Note: If you are using a graduated table, the carryover maximum amount will be specified in the Allowance Table dialog and the Carryover Maximum field will say (See Table).

  8. In the Exclusions section you can specify if the accruable benefit should be excluded from Workers' Compensation calculations for all, selected, or no jurisdictions. Click the Ellipsis button to specify selected jurisdictions for exclusion in the Workers' Compensation Exclusion Details dialog.

    Note: Some jurisdictions may be marked by default.

  9. Click Enter to save the accruable benefit information.

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