Finding answers to your myPay Solutions Direct questions

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Our Help & How-To Center offers quick access to the information you need while using myPay Solutions Direct.

Accessing the Help & How-To Center

From within myPay Solutions Direct, access the Help & How-To Center by any of the following methods.

Searching for information

The most efficient way to find answers to your questions is to take advantage of the robust search engine upon which the Help & How-To Center is built: the Google search engine. When searching for information in the Help & How-To Center, you can use the same strategies you use when you use Google to search for general information on the internet.

Search fields for searching the Help & How-To Center are accessible from two locations.

Simply enter a search term or phrase and press ENTER to see a list of related topics that apply to myPay Solutions Direct.

Sample searches

To see how easy it is to find information in the Help & How-To Center, try these sample searches, which feature common questions for myPay Solutions Direct and tips on narrowing your search if you're getting too many results.

  1. First, let's look for information about using the filtering features. From within myPay Solutions Direct, enter filtering in the search field in the toolbar and press ENTER.
  2. In the search results page that opens, the topics are listed in order of relevance. Click the Searching and filtering data link to open that topic.
  3. Now, let's look for information on filtering in reports. From within the open Searching and filtering data topic, enter filtering in reports in the search field near the top of the topic and press ENTER.
  4. In the search results page, click the Filtering and sorting reports link to open that topic.
  5. Click the Search Tips link next to the search field to open Google's "Search Tips" document, which provides additional strategies for effective searching.
  6. Click your browser's Back button to return to the search results page.

Additional features for finding information

If you're struggling to find what you're looking for through a standard search, the Help & How-To Center includes the following features that might help.

Printing topics in the Help & How-To Center

When you have found the information you need, you can take advantage of your browser’s functionality to print the topic. Depending on the browser, you may be able to use either one or both of the following methods to print the topic.

Note: To include information contained in a particular section of expandable text, expand that text (by clicking the plus sign) prior to printing. To include all information contained in expandable text within that topic, click Show expandable text at the very beginning of the topic prior to printing.

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