Payroll Schedule

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Print Reports: Printing the Payroll Schedule - Client report

  1. Go to Print Reports. Show me.
    Print Reports
  2. Select the Payroll Schedule - Clients report. Show me.
    Processing Schedule - Client Report

    Note: If you have access to multiple clients, you can change the focus from being the Current Client to being a list of clients. Show me.

  3. Change the Date from All to Current Year (or Range, if needed). Show me.
    Date Range
  4. Click Print Selected. Show me.
    Print Selected Button
  5. Select either your printer or Output to file.
  6. Click OK.

Enter Time: Printing the Payroll Schedule

  1. Go to Enter Time. Show me.
    Enter Time
  2. Select Actions > Analyze Client Activity > Payroll Schedules. Show me.
    Actions - Payroll Schedule

    Note: Use the keyboard shortcut CTL + H to open the Payroll schedules rather than going through the menu options.

    Note: If you have access to multiple clients, you can select a different client from the drop down list.

    PR Schedule Dropdown
  3. The report will appear. Show me.
    Payroll Schedule Preview
  4. Click Print if a paper copy is needed.

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