Workpapers CS Release User Bulletin v.2018.2.3 - August 30, 2018

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  • We have addressed the following issues.
    • A formatting issue caused certain lines and symbols to display incorrectly in portlet reports and in reports printed from Workpapers CS to HTML files.
    • A formatting issue caused certain numbers to display incorrectly in reports printed from Workpapers CS to Microsoft Excel. Details
      This occurred in cells containing numbers with leading zeros or numbers over 15 digits long.
    • Issues with date and time indexes occurred in documents printed from Workpapers CS to GoFileRoom. Details
      • The time portion was incorrect.
      • The time portion was excluded from the GoFileRoom Index Mapping dialog, which can optionally be displayed during the printing process.

Trial Balance

  • We have addressed an issue that, in certain circumstances, caused Workpapers CS to close during the transfer of chart of accounts information. Details
    The issue occurred when:
    • Selected was selected in the Details column of the Chart of Accounts row in the File > Transfer Client Information dialog, and 
    • The selected accounts included segmented accounts but not the corresponding core accounts.

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