Workpapers CS Release User Bulletin v.2018.3.4 - November 29, 2018

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  • We have added the Segment Only option in the Custom Excel page of the Add Workpaper Wizard for clients that have segmented accounts. Details
    This option filters out core accounts and shows all segmented accounts.
  • We have addressed an issue that prevented the application from transferring selected accounts (via the Selected method) for the Chart of Accounts data type in the File > Transfer Client Information dialog.

Trial Balance

  • We have addressed the following issues.
    • In certain circumstances, the application closed during attempts to save client records in the Setup > Clients screen. Details
      This issue occurred for client records that had a non-default current fiscal year end date or period frequency in the Accounting Information tab of the Setup > Clients screen.
    • In certain circumstances, the application closed or used amounts that were off by one cent during the year-end close process. Details
      This issue occurred for client records using multiple distributions with atypical percentages for the distribution of net income.


  • We have addressed an issue that prevented the All date option from being honored on accounting reports and financial statements.

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