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General information

Use the Integration tab of the Setup > Clients screen to specify the type of data to import for the selected client.

  • The application uses the information selected in the Integration tab to determine if the client has been set up for data import or export.
  • The Import source field in this tab corresponds with the Source field in the Source Data screen of the File > Import > Client Data Wizard. If you select a different source in the wizard without changing it in this tab, it will return to the value selected in this tab the next time the wizard is opened.
  • When you add a new client (converted or manually entered in the application), the application selects None in the Import source field by default, and the client is unavailable for selection in the Import Client Data Wizard.
  • You can select General to export transactions to or import client data from applications outside of the CS Professional Suite.

Fields & buttons

Select the application from which you will import data for this client.

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