Setting up a client's Chart of Accounts mask

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Before you can add accounts to a client's Chart of Accounts in the Setup > Chart of Accounts screen, you must first set up the mask (between 3 and 60 characters) to define the account format. Workpapers CS color codes the mask to help identify each segment of the mask.

Use the following steps to set up a Chart of Accounts mask in Workpapers CS.

  1. Choose Setup > Clients, select the client for whom you want to set up the Chart of Accounts mask, and then click the Edit button.
  2. Click the Account Mask tab.
  3. In the Chart of Accounts Mask grid, define up to 20 segments for the mask as follows.
    • Core. Mark the checkbox in the Core column for the segment that represents the core account. The application uses the core account to accumulate and report on consolidated totals.
      • The core account may be placed anywhere in the mask.
      • Only one row can be flagged as the core account. If only one account exists in the grid, the Core checkbox is marked by default.
      • The core may include a single decimal separator.
    • Segment. Enter the segment name. If you set up account segments in the Setup > Account Segments screen, those segments will be listed in the drop-down list in the Segment column. The default segment description is Account. If you add a unique account segment in this field, the application adds that segment to the Setup > Account Segments screen when you save the client record.
    • Mask. Enter the segment mask using only the symbols listed below. The default mask for a new client is XXXXXXXXXX. Each segment pattern can consist of only one type of character.
      Symbol Character
      A Alpha characters only
      # Numeric characters only
      X Any character or separator
    • Color. (Optional) Select a color for the segment from the drop-down list. Workpapers CS displays these color codes in the Mask and Account number fields in the Setup > Chart of Accounts screen.
      • The default color is black. If the default black color is used for all segments of the mask, the application will not display any colors for the mask in the Setup > Chart of Accounts screen.
      • You can select the same color for more than one segment in the same mask.
    • Separator. (Optional) Select a separator from the drop-down list.
      • Only the predefined separators in the drop-down list may be used for the Chart of Accounts mask.
      • An account number cannot end with a separator; therefore, the Separator field is grayed out for the last row in the Chart of Accounts Mask grid.
    • Primary. The application uses the primary segment for reporting and rounding balances.
  4. Mark the Allow leading zeros checkbox to have the application display leading zeros in account segment codes (in the Setup > Account Segments screen or the Select Code dialog) when the account number has more than one segment. This does not affect how the actual account numbers are created or displayed - only how the code is displayed.
  5. Click Enter to save the client's Chart of Accounts mask.
  6. account mask tab

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