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This topic compiles important information related to your software, such as the status of known issues, recently corrected problems, and answers to common questions.

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Reported Date Service Category Reported Version Status Modified Date Fixed Version Synopsis
06/22/18 Accounting Chart of Accounts 2018.2.0 Verified 06/22/18 TBD Segments not retaining settings on Year End Close when closing by segment

The account settings for Distributions of Balance Sheet Accounts on the Year End Close dialog are not being retained when moving back to prior segments while closing by individual segments.

The account settings will be retained if the prior segments rows are not returned to during the closing setup.

06/22/18 Accounting Account Mask 2018.2.0 Verified 06/22/18 TBD Program freezes when Color field is selected on Account Mask tab

Selecting the Color field on the Account Mask tab of the Client setup while in Edit mode causes the program to freeze. No error message will occur.

Pressing ESC key on the keyboard several times should take the program out of Edit mode. This will cause the program to become responsive again.

06/21/18 Platform CS Connect 2018.2.1 Notice 06/21/18 2018.2.1 Release of v. 2018.2.1 update of Accounting CS

The v. 2018.2.1 update of Accounting CS is tentatively scheduled to be released via CS Connect in mid to late July 2018.

06/21/18 Payroll Payroll Tracking Portlet 2018.2.0 Verified 06/21/18 TBD Error accessing the Payroll Tracking Portlet when Custom Fields are Enabled

You may receive an error when accessing the Firm or Staff Dashboard that includes the Payroll Tracking portlet.

To resolve the error go to Setup > Firm Information > Firm and select the Payroll Tracking tab. On the Payroll Tracking tab unmark any client custom field within the Column Setup section.  

If your favorite screen is selected for the Firm or Staff Dashboard and the dashboard includes the Payroll Tracking portlet you may receive an error opening Accounting CS. To resolve this error hold down the Shift key on your keyboard when opening and logging into Accounting CS. This will clear the dashboard and remove the portlets from the dashboard allowing you to open Accounting CS with no error. 

06/21/18 Payroll South Carolina 2018.2.0 Verified 06/21/18 TBD South Carolina Unemployment Tax Payment Methods

The South Carolina Department of Employment and Workforce has updated their ACH Credit specifications and we are working to accommodate them in a future release. Until that time, South Carolina unemployment insurance payments made via ACH Credit may require a longer processing time, which could potentially incur late payment penalties and interest. Note that you can choose to make payments through one of these alternative methods.

• Paper check accompanied by a payment voucher, which must be printed from each client’s online SUITS account.

• ACH Debit, which is also available through the SUITS website. You can record the payments in Accounting CS using the vendor payment method.

06/20/18 Payroll Workers' Compensation 2018.1.2 Verified 06/20/18 TBD Excluded pay item hours may appear in InsurePay files

Pay items and hours that are excluded for InsurePay reporting are still be included in the InsurePay file.

06/15/18 Payroll Tax Calculation 2018.1.2 Verified 06/19/18 TBD City of Bellevue,Ohio Tax Rate Change Starting July 1, 2018

The City of Bellevue, Ohio enacted a 2.0% tax rate change starting July 1, 2018.

06/13/18 Payroll State Tax Forms 2018.1.2 Fixed 06/21/18 2018.2.0 Kentucky Unemployment ID check digit validation needs to be removed from Client Setup

The check digit validation for Kentucky Unemployment ID within Setup > Clients > Payroll Taxes tab needs to be removed. The check digit will still be calculated for form printing.

06/13/18 Payroll Tax Calculation 2018.1.2 Testing Fix 06/21/18 Pending Release District of Columbia minimum wage increase being implemented on July 1, 2018

District of Columbia (DC) minimum wage increase being implemented on July 1, 2018.

This will be updated on v. 2018.2.1 which is tentatively scheduled for release in mid to late July.

06/07/18 Payroll Tax Calculation 2018.1.2 Fixed 06/21/18 2018.2.0 Kentucky state withholding rate has changed to a flat 5%

Kentucky state withholding rate has changed to a flat 5%.

06/07/18 Payroll State Tax Forms 2018.1.2 Verified 06/07/18 TBD The Mississippi transmittal form 89-140 date fields are not holding overrides

On MS transmittal form 89-140, overrides to Date Signed or Date Mailed do not stick when previewing or printing form. It will instead show the system date. This is with or without the Suppress Date option selected.

06/07/18 Payroll Tax Agent 2018.1.2 Fixed 06/21/18 2018.2.0 Ohio local tax agent Village of Walbridge needs to be updated

Tax agent addresses for Ohio local tax agent Village of Walbridge needs to be updated. This needs to reflect on tax agent setup, vendor check payment addresses, and form filing instructions.

The new address is PO Box 555 Walbridge, OH 43465

06/07/18 Accounting Print Reports 2018.1.2 Verified 06/07/18 TBD Report options from a prior report are getting applied to subsequent reports erroneously

In Print Reports, there is an issue where some report options from a prior report in the Selected Reports pane are getting applied to subsequent reports in the Selected Reports pane, even without those same report options being present.

06/07/18 Payroll Tax Calculation 2018.1.2 Fixed 06/21/18 2018.2.0 The backup withholding rate for contractors has changed from 28% to 24% for 2018

The backup withholding percentage for contractors was lowered to 24% as of December 31, 2017 for 2018.

06/01/18 Accounting Bank Reconciliation 2018.1.2 Verified 06/01/18 TBD Unprinted checks may appear in Bank Reconciliation

In some instances, checks that have yet to be printed can appear in the Bank Reconciliation. This occurs when the check had initially been marked handwritten and then was viewed on the reconciliation when visiting the Action menu, then going to Reconcile Bank Accounts. Removing the handwritten status after this point is not causing the check to be removed from the reconciliation.

Workaround: Deleting the check will remove it from the reconciliation. The check will then need to be re-entered and care taken not to mark it as handwritten.

05/31/18 Payroll Direct Deposit 2018.1.2 Verified 05/31/18 TBD Intercept error when transmitting Direct Deposit - Cannot transmit file to InterceptEFT

You may receive an error when transmitting Direct Deposit files to InterceptEFT.

Cannot transmit file to InterceptEFT - The underlying connection was closed: An unexpected error occurred on a send.

Enabling Internet Information Services Manager and additional steps from Microsoft resolves this issue:

Please see Microsoft Support: The Underlying Connection Was Closed

Development is still reviewing the underlying cause of this issue, we are not sure yet if an update can resolve this without the workaround.

TFS 1443812

05/31/18 Payroll Tax Forms 2018.1.2 Verified 05/31/18 TBD For 1099 Vendors, the One Form per Transaction option is only working for the first transaction entered

When the box is marked for the One 1099 form per transaction in the 1099 properties of the vendor setup, the box is marked in the details for the first transaction entered but is not marked for subsequent transactions in the same session within Enter Transactions.

05/30/18 Payroll Compliance Payroll Items 2018.1.2 Fixed 06/21/18 2018.2.0 Heath Savings Account contribution limit change

The Heath Savings Account contribution limit had been reduced from $6,900 to $6,850 for the 2018 tax year. The IRS recently decided to move the limit back to $6900 for the remainder of 2018. We are working quickly to update the limit in Accounting CS.

Information on this change is in the IRS publication linked below:

IRS RP 2018-27

05/29/18 All Platform N/A Verified 05/29/18 N/A "Unable to verify profile" error when enabling MFA

After clicking on the My Profile section of our website, some users may receive a similar error message. The error typically reads “Unable to verify profile”. The MFA Troubleshooting article provides steps you can and our users can take to resolve this issue.

The ideal resolution is the user logs in to our website, receives the MFA popup message after entering their email and password, and clicks Set Up Now to enable MFA for their account. Do not direct non-Onvio users receiving this error to to resolve this issue, even in cases for the MFA popup was previously snoozed. This previously suggested workaround can cause issues with the data on the backend when enabling MFA in this way.

Multiple accounts for our website (Thomson Reuters IDs) can also be the cause of this issue. Use EMS to check for this. To do so, follow the internal steps provided for this error message in the MFA troubleshooting article.

05/29/18 Payroll State Tax Forms 2018.1.2 Fixed 06/21/18 2018.2.0 West Virginia IT-101A form is no longer used for monthly deposit schedule

The WV Form IT-101A Employer's Annual Return of Income Tax Withheld is not to be used for reconciliation for monthly deposit schedules.


05/29/18 Platform Client Access 2018.1.2 Verified 05/29/18 TBD Windows 10 update interfering with transaction data entry for Firm Hosted Client Access users

After installing Windows 10 update KB4103721 Firm Hosted Client Access users have reported that the Transaction Type and Date fields on the Enter Transactions screen are blank when they use the drop down menu.

Removing the update on the Windows 10 machine does resolve the issue.

Potential workaround: Disable "Use advanced RemoteFX graphics for RemoteApp" in gpedit.msc.

05/29/18 Accounting Trial Balance 2018.1.2 Verified 05/29/18 TBD Entering a beginning balance for a bank account general ledger account in the Enter Trial Balance screen changes proxy transaction dates

Entering a beginning balance for a bank account general ledger account in the Trial Balance grid changes all existing proxy transaction dates to use the first date of the fiscal year. This causes issues for reconciling the bank reconciliation.

05/29/18 Payroll Tax Forms 2018.1.2 Fixed 06/21/18 2018.2.0 Error message occurs when clearing overrides for a W-2c within a Payroll Consolidation client

Within Actions > Edit Payroll Tax Forms > Corrected >W-2c if you clear overrides within a Payroll Consolidation client you may receive the following error:


Operation is not valid due to the current state of the object

05/23/18 Platform Security N/A Fixed 05/23/18 05/29/18 Amazon Fire 7 tablets do support MFA

The Thomson Reuters Authenticator mobile app is currently unavailable for installation for Amazon Fire 7 tablets. Users may receive a "Your device isn't compatible with this version" or not have access to the download feature when attempting to install the app on their device.

This issue is resolved and Amazon has re-opened the app for installation on these devices.

05/23/18 Payroll Client Access 2018.1.2 Verified 05/23/18 TBD The Sales field on the Detail tab within Enter Batch Payroll Checks screen is disabled within Client Access

The Sales field that is found on the Detail tab of the Enter Batch screen of Client Access is currently always disabled. The field should be enabled any time the client has rights to enter time in the Enter Batch screen.

If the client has the ability to enter Payroll Checks in the Enter Transactions screen, the sales field is available there.

05/23/18 Accounting QuickBooks Online 2018.1.2 Fixed 05/23/18 Fixed QuickBooks Online - Sign In screen is not loading properly in Virtual Office or SaaS environment

QuickBooks Online - Sign In screen is not loading properly in Virtual Office or SaaS environment. It is showing a mostly white screen and only allowing to click 'Don't have an account? Sign up now.'

Our development team is currently looking into this.

05/16/18 Payroll Tax Calculation 2018.1.2 Fixed 06/21/18 2018.2.0 Oregon has added a statewide Transit Tax on employee wages effective July 1st, 2018

As of July 1st, 2018 Oregon will have a Statewide Transit Tax on employee's wages.

With v. 2018.2.0 we have implemented the new Oregon State Transit Tax. The accompanying payment and reconciliation forms will be available with a future release, in time to meet the forms’ respective deadlines.

05/16/18 Payroll Tax Calculation 2018.2.1 Fixed 06/21/18 2018.2.0 Federal Levy Calculation is using 2017 tables instead of the new 2018 tables

The program has not been updated or the 2018 Federal Levy tax tables. A new option has also been added for 2018 to claim 0 exemptions, which the program does not allow currently.

05/14/18 Accounting Report Designer 2018.1.2 Fixed 06/21/18 2018.2.0 Report Designer row-level sort order by Amount with Left most amount selected is incorrectly impacting rows below

In Row Properties, if you set the Sort order to Amount ascending or Amount descending and the Sort column to Left most amount, rows below it that don't have the settings applied (or that try to use different Sort order settings) aren't working. All rows below are being erroneously impacted by the sort order above.


Set the Sort column to the exact column letter you want to sort by. Then, all of the rows under it will continue to sort as they're supposed to.


05/10/18 Accounts Payable Manage Payments 2018.1.2 Fixed 06/21/18 2018.2.0 Accounts Payable Manage Payments default bank account is not auto-populating when marking rows to pay

When marking rows to Pay in the Actions > Manage Payments screen, the Bank Account field is no longer auto-populating with the default bank account, unless the vendor has a bank account selected in the Payment Preferences section of the Setup > Vendors screen.

05/10/18 Accounting QuickBooks 2018.1.2 Fixed 06/21/18 2018.2.0 QuickBooks import error: Bank accounts mapping model initialization is not complete

An error may be received when importing from QuickBooks:


bank accounts mapping model initialization is not complete.

This was previously fixed in some cases on the 2018.1.2 version but is still occurring in some instances. Our development team is looking into it.


Clear all mappings within the import wizard and reimport. If this does not resolve please contact our Support team.

04/03/18 Payroll State Tax Forms 2018.1.0 Fixed 06/21/18 2018.2.0 South Carolina UCE-101 invalid file layout

Possible errors when uploading a SC UCE-101 file:

-FEIN in line 1 at position 6-14 does not match with the FEIN in system, Invalid file layout please upload valid file.

-File with same name is already uploaded and status of file is processed.

05/01/18 Payroll Direct Deposit N/A Notice 05/01/18


Kotapay replacing InterceptEFT questions

When a customer asks about Kotapay replacing InterceptEFT, refer them to the letter InterceptEFT sent them.

Note: The letter from InterceptEFT contains the contact information. If they do not have their letter, have them contact general InterceptEFT support.

05/02/18 Payroll Reports 2018.1.0 Fixed 06/21/18 2018.2.0 Cash Requirements and Deposits report is not including any of the Employer Contribution items in the totals

Cash Requirements and Deposits report is not including any of the Employer Contribution items in the totals. Please reach out to Support on how to resolve.

This is happening due to the firm having the ConfigureReportEngineForJobCosting=true flag set in their NetworkInstallation.ini file. This will be addressed on a future update, but currently the only workaround is to help the firm remove that line from their NetworkInstallation.ini file.

TFS 1420682

05/02/18 Payroll Tax Agent 2018.1.1 Fixed 06/21/18 2018.2.0 Moon Township PA LST Tax Agent payments now go to Jordan

Moon Township PA LST municipal LST is now Jordan Tax Service. Currently Accounting CS has it going to Keystone.

05/02/18 Payroll Tax Calculation 2018.1.0 Verified 05/02/18 TBD Ohio local calculates when no wages are entered in that work location

If an employee has multiple locations, one that is OH and one possibly a different state the Ohio locals are calculating for the OH work location even when no wages are entered for that location.

04/10/18 Platform QuickBooks Export 2018.1.0 Fixed 06/21/18 2018.2.0 Error exporting client data directly to QuickBooks

When choosing File > Export > Client Data > QuickBooks and choosing to export directly to QuickBooks you may receive an error message of ‘Object reference not set to an instance of an object’.

Workaround: Choose instead for the 'Type of file to create’ of Export via the QuickBooks Data Utility (QBgenxfer file).

04/17/18 Payroll Payroll Tax Forms 2018.1.0 Verified 04/30/18 TBD Change of a business location address and taxes from the new address show up only on the Pennsylvania Keystone LST form

If you change a business location address the taxes from the new address will only show up on the Pennsylvania Keystone LST form.

Workaround: Change the business location back to its original address. Add a 2nd business location for the new address.

04/26/18 Workpapers FileCabinet 2018.1.0 Fixed 06/21/18 2018.2.0 An error occurs when printing finalized binders to FileCabinet CS from Workpapers

When using the option under Setup > Firm Information > Firm > Preferences to Print engagement binder folder structure to FileCabinet, an error is received.

04/24/18 Payroll Tax Forms 2018.1.0 Verified 04/24/18 TBD Partial Replacement file for 1095-C/1094-C is not currently available

In some situations, the IRS is requesting a partial replacement file, which is not currently available in Accounting CS.

04/20/18 Payroll Liabilities 2018.1.0 Fixed 06/21/18 2018.2.0 Rhode Island Liability Adjustment report shows the incorrect rate after changing the SUI Rate

For Rhode Island, the Liability adjustment dialog and its report is displaying the wrong SUI rate for Rhode Island SUI liability adjustments.

The program is taking the SUI Base rate and adding .51 (as the Job development fund rate) instead of the rate found in Client Setup.

04/20/18 Payroll Compliance State Tax Forms 2018.1.0 Notice 06/22/18 N/A Kentucky UI-3 page 2 chart showing incorrect Taxable Wage Base for 2018 - form still calculates correctly

Support was advised that Kentucky UI-3 page 2 is showing incorrectly. The chart Taxable Wage Base (TWB) & Surcharge (%) is showing the Taxable Wage Base as 10,800 for 2018 when it should actually be 10,200. This calculates correctly on the checks and on page 1 of the form, but it is stated incorrectly on page 2.

Our development team has not located any updated forms from the state that indicate that the form in the program is incorrect. If a user can provide us with an updated copy of the form, development will review.

TFS 1402647

04/19/18 Payroll Time Clock 2018.1.0 Verified 04/19/18 TBD Hours are not importing from SwipeClock integration when pay items do not match the case in both programs

Currently the pay item mapping is case-sensitive when using the csxml2 file format and this is causing hours not to import from SwipeClock.

When importing hours from SwipeClock, the program should properly map the pay item hours and accruable benefit hours and not be case-sensitive.

04/19/18 Payroll State Tax Forms 2018.1.0 Fixed 06/21/18 2018.2.0 Louisiana web Form L-1 does not include the paid preparer information at the bottom

The LA web form L-1 in the system does not currently include the paid preparer information at the bottom.

04/19/18 Payroll Tax Calculation 2018.1.0 Testing Fix 04/19/18 Pending Release In certain situations, Pennsylvania LST is not calculating correctly when one location is marked wage exempt

In certain situations, Pennsylvania LST is not calculating correctly when one location is marked wage exempt.

04/16/18 Accounting QuickBooks 2018.1.2 Fixed 06/21/18 2018.2.0 QuickBooks Import error: Value already exists

When importing from QuickBooks an error may be received if choosing Do Not Import on the Chart of Accounts screen or the Vendors mapping screen.

An example of the types of errors is:

Quick_Books_Account(client_KEY): Value already exists.

Quick_Books_Account(full_name): Value already exists.

Quick_Books_Account(list_id): Value already exists.

Quick_Books_Account(quick_books_class_KEY): Value already exists.

Quick_Books_Account_GL_Account(quick_books_account_KEY): Value does not exist.


Quick_Books _Account(payee_name): value already exists.

Quick_Books _Account(payee_ID): value already exists.

Quick_Books _Account(list_id): value already exists.

Quick_Books _Account(employee_payee_key): value does not exist.

Quick_Books _Account(quick_books_payee_vendor): value already exists.

A similar error was addressed with the v. 2018.1.2 of Accounting CS.  Please verify you have updated your version of Accounting CS. 

04/16/18 Payroll Enter Batch 2018.1.0 Verified 04/16/18 TBD The Rapid Tab in Enter Batch Payroll is not displaying anything in the Amount field for an Hourly pay item

In the Actions > Enter Batch Payroll Checks screen, if you open the Edit > Options dialog, select a payroll schedule, choose the option at the bottom to "Display selected payroll items", choose a pay item that is setup to use the Hourly calculation method, and then choose the Amount column, the Amount column is blank by default when you first load that payroll schedule.

The Amount column should display 0.00 by default (or an amount if standard hours is turned on). If you then enter hours on the pay item the Amount column should update, but it currently does not. It is just blank. If you click in the field and manually type an amount it will show up in red as an override, and then if you clear overrides the correct amount will show up.

04/16/18 Accounting Accounts Payable/Accounts Receivable 2018.1.0 Fixed 06/21/18 2018.2.0 Accounts Receivable Enter Invoices/Accounts Payable Enter Payables crash error

Hiding a column that was being sorted on within Enter Invoices for Accounts Receivable or Enter Payables for Accounts Payable results in a crash error when going back into the screen.

There are a few variations to the beginning of the error:


Cannot find column DiscountAmount [hidden].


Cannot find column DiscountAllowedAmount [hidden].


System.IndexOutOfRangeException: Cannot find column NotEligibleForDiscountAllowedAmount [hidden].

at System.Data.DataTable.ParseSortString(String sortString)


Rename ClientSettings.xml file

04/04/18 Payroll Spreadsheet Import 2018.1.0 Fixed 06/21/18 2018.2.0 Spreadsheet import of employees/payroll checks coming in as CSA conversion for the source

When doing a spreadsheet import of employees, the payroll checks that are created to establish the earnings history are being created with the source of "CSA Conversion" instead of "Spreadsheet Import".

04/06/18 Payroll State Tax Forms 2018.1.0 Fixed 06/21/18 2018.2.0 Alabama UC-CR-4: Possible incorrect file format error

An error "910: Incorrect File Format" may occur when uploading the ALreport.txt file.

Workaround: For now, users can compress the ALReport.txt into a zip file called and this will be accepted by the state. To compress, right-click on the ALReport.txt file and choose Send to > Compressed zipped folder.

03/29/18 Payroll Garnishment 2018.1.0 Verified 03/29/18 TBD Illinois garnishment calculation requires it to be 45 x minimum wage instead of 30 x minimum wage

The state of IL requires garnishments to take the lessor of:

15% of gross wages paid for that week


The amount by which disposable income exceeds 45 x the federal minimum wage.

The system creditor garnishment currently uses the federal calculation of:

25% of disposable income (after all taxes including state and local).


The amount by which disposable income exceeds 30 x the federal minimum wage.

03/26/18 Platform FileCabinet 2018.1.0 Verified 03/26/18 TBD Images are getting cut off when printing multi-page letters to FileCabinet CS

If you print a letter from ACS to FileCabinet CS, using the direct integration (Output to FileCabinet CS section of the Print dialog), then images are getting chopped off in the output of multi-page letters within FileCabinet CS. The image is fine in a single page letter, but it's cut off in a multi-page letter. You can only see the very bottom portion of the image.

03/15/18 Accounting Spreadsheet Import 2017.4.10 Verified 03/16/18 TBD Spreadsheets with Custom Account Groupings may not import if columns in certain order

If your spreadsheet contains custom Account Grouping codes/subcodes along with the Account Classifications codes/subcodes, data will not import if the custom Account Groupings are in a column before the standard Account Classifications.

Workaround: Have the Account Classification column to the left of any custom Account Groupings included on the spreadsheet.

03/13/18 Accounting Export 2017.4.10 Fixed 06/21/18 2018.2.0 Error occurs when exporting to Quickbooks Data Utility

When exporting client data to the Quickbooks Data Utility, Accounting CS can error with the following message:


unable to find a class for Acs GL account segment code"

Workaround: If the chart of accounts has accounts set to MEMO classification code, switch them to another code. This has allowed the export to continue in some cases.

02/26/18 Payroll Direct Deposit 2017.4.8 Fixed 06/21/18 2018.2.0 Vendor with suspended direct deposit bank creates a direct deposit file instead of a paper check

A vendor with a direct deposit bank account set to the status of 'Suspend' will create the direct deposit ACH file instead of a paper check.

Workaround: On the Main tab of the vendor's setup, change the payment preference method from 'Direct Deposit' to 'Check'.

02/09/18 Payroll Billing 2017.4.7 Fixed 06/21/18 2018.2.0 Fixed amount discount is only reducing one billing item when multiple are marked for payroll billing invoices

If you have a fixed amount discount within Setup > Clients on the Billing tab it is currently only applying to one billing item instead of reducing all.

02/07/18 Payroll Tax Calculation 2017.4.2 Verified 02/07/18 TBD Ohio resident tax is calculating when marked as exempt

In situations where there is an Ohio resident tax with nexus marked for courtesy withholding and a payroll item marked as tax exempt for Ohio Cities tax the tax is still calculating.

01/31/18 Payroll W-2 N/A Notice 01/31/18


W-2 Box 9

For filing season 2018, the Internal Revenue Service has expanded the pilot to verify the authenticity of Form W-2 data. Thomson Reuters is not part of this pilot program. To learn more about the W-2 verification, visit IRS Expands W-2 Verification Code for Filing Season 2018.

01/31/18 Payroll Spreadsheet Import 2017.4.6 Fixed 06/21/18 2018.2.0 Vendor Spreadsheet Import is not pulling in some vendor addresses

If the state abbreviation is in lowercase the Vendor Spreadsheet Import is not pulling in the address.

01/25/18 Payroll State Tax Forms 2017.4.6 Notice 01/25/18


Paper Copy of W-2 Copy 1's for Louisiana L-3

If you are processing the Louisiana L-3 via paper and want a paper copy of the W-2 Copy 1's, please follow these steps:

1) Go to Process or Edit Payroll Tax Forms > W-2 > Select W-2 Copy 1 - Louisiana via Internet.

2) Select 'Client Copy' and print or output to PDF.

3) If you would like the 'CLIENT COPY' watermark removed from W-2 Copy 1 - Louisiana go to Setup > Firm Information > Firm> select the Preferences tab and mark the checkbox for 'Disable watermark on client copy payroll tax forms' before printing the client copies of the W-2s.

01/24/18 All Data Security N/A Notice 01/24/18 N/A Phishing E-mail
There has been a confirmed phishing e-mail being sent to CS Professional Suite users from Below is a facsimile of the email being received.


Your account has been Approved, you are all set but do not forget to verify your CS Professional Suite Account.

CLICK HERE to verify your CS Professional Suite Account.

*Link Expires in 24 hours

If you speak with a customer that has received this e-mail, please contact the Support-Incident Management team.

01/08/18 Payroll State W-2 2017.4.3 Notice 01/19/18


Error processing the Georgia Form G-1003

When processing the Georgia Form G-1003 via Electronic method you may receive the following message:

Unable to add the file. The following are either missing or incorrect: Business Name Line 1

Remove the ampersand (&) within the Payroll Name of the client and re-process the form.

Important! With the v. 2017.4.6 update of Accounting CS tentatively scheduled for January 22, 2018, we will be removing the Electronic filling method for Form G-1003. This will be replaced with the Internet filling method. Any Electronic forms that were processed and not yet transmitted will be removed after this update. Please reprocess the form using the Internet filling method. 

01/16/18 Payroll Payroll Tax Forms N/A Notice 01/16/18


E-File application summary required to electronically file payroll tax forms

As part of the Security Summit partnership, which includes the Internal Revenue Service, state tax agencies, and private-sector industry, you now need to provide a copy of your IRS e-file application summary before transmitting payroll tax forms from Accounting CS. For details, see E-File application summary required to electronically file payroll tax forms.

Note: If either of the following is true, you do not need to submit an e-file application summary.

  • You will use the same verified Electronic Filing Identification Number (EFIN) you have on file for UltraTax CS to transmit your payroll tax forms via Accounting CS.
  • You file all payroll tax forms using the Internet or Magnetic method. For details, see Processing internet and magnetic files.
01/16/18 Platform All 2018 Notice 01/16/18


Action required - update your CS Professional Suite license PIN

New for 2017, the license PIN you use for your CS Professional Suite applications cannot match your firm's ZIP code. If your license PIN matches your ZIP code, your firm's designated Licensee or Delegate must update it to a secure PIN. For details, see Managing your license PIN.

This update is required before you can successfully download and install the appropriate licenses to your programs. If you have received a "Firm ID and PIN do not match our records" error message, contact your firm's licensee to obtain the correct PIN. For additional details about this error message, see License download failed: firm ID and PIN do not match our records.

01/16/18 Engagement CS Licensing N/A Notice 01/16/18


Applying Engagement CS licenses

If you have recently renewed your Engagement CS license and are having difficulty applying it, you may need to right-click on the CSA program icon before opening and choose Run As Administrator. Once the program opens, proceed to CS Connect to download your license again.

As a reminder, support is available for Engagement CS, including the bundled Trial Balance and Financial Reporter functionality only. Support for all other CSA products ended on May 31st, 2017.

01/09/18 Payroll Accruable Benefits 2017.4.2 Verified 01/09/18 TBD Accruable Benefits incorrect balance and warning message when entering payroll checks

When entering a payroll check that has a period end date in the prior year and a check date in the current year that uses accruable benefit hours, the system is not including all of the proper benefit hours to determine if the employee has enough hours used or not. An incorrect warning message is being displayed for how many hours the employee has available.

01/09/18 Platform Reports 2017.4.2 Fixed 06/21/18 2018.2.0 When printing reports to Excel the cell merging and wrapping is not outputting correctly

Printing to Excel is causing differences in the output compared to how it used to work related to cell merging and wrapping. In some cases, cells are being merged vertically are wiping out information in the cell below them.

With v. 2018.2.0 we have added the Output with text wrapping checkbox in the Reports tab of the Setup > User Preferences dialog. When this checkbox is marked, the application prints documents with text wrapped onto additional lines if a cell contains text longer than the cell’s width. When this checkbox is not marked, the application prints documents without wrapping text onto additional lines.

Note: If you experience issues with unexpected text wrapping when printing to Microsoft Excel, clear this checkbox before you print. 

TFS 1324655 Starting in v. 2018.2.0, we have added a new user preference that will avoid this issue. We've added the "Output with text wrapping" checkbox on the Reports tab in the Setup > User Preferences dialog. By default, that is turned on, so everything will behave like it does right now. However, when that is turned off, the text will not try to wrap onto additional lines. For firms running into this issue when printing to Excel, they can turn off the new user preference option. NOTE: This new setting impacts all destinations. So if you're printing to paper with this option off, it will cut off the text at the cell's width, and not wrap down. Depending on each user's preference and what they are printing, and to where, they may need to change the setting accordingly.

01/02/18 Payroll CSA Conversion N/A Notice 01/02/18 TBD Cannot convert because CSA payroll period is not in the latest period

Because CSA licenses are now expired and past the grace period, some firms are finding they cannot convert certain clients because the client's payroll processing period is not in the latest period for that client. They cannot change the processing period with expired licenses so this will have to be completed by support.

If we get a customer who is unable to convert because they cannot move their payroll period forward, your FIRST STEP is to review  CSA & CBS end of support workflow to determine if they are eligible for support.

Remember getting data isn’t ideal and this is a one-time exception to this CSA issue. If they are eligible for support, please let the customer know that we need to make a change in the client data to resolve the issue. Have the customer upload the client to CS Connect and enter a CFR listing the CSA Client ID. Please do not download the CSA data. The CF will retrieve the client from CS Connect. The CF will manually move the client into the latest payroll processing period and provide you with the fixed client data to be sent back to the firm. Below are links to topics that can be used to walk the customers through sending in the client and how to securely send back the zip file the CF will provide. Once the firm receives the fixed zip file, they should save this in a folder named the same as the CSA Client ID. (Client IDs over eight characters long require a decimal after the eighth character EX: MICHIGAN.STA)

Sending CSA client data to CS Support via CS Connect

Internal: Sending/receiving confidential data to/from a firm securely

12/19/17 Platform Reports 2017.4.0 Fixed 06/21/18 2018.2.0 Printing (exporting) reports or statements to Excel doesn't keep formatting - converts number cells to text format

Printing (exporting) reports or statements to Excel doesn't keep formatting - converts number cells to text format

12/11/17 Accounting Year End 2017.3.3 Verified 12/11/17 TBD Year End Closing - exact amounts entered in dialog are not reflected in beginning balance of the Next Year

In rare cases, the amounts entered in the Year End Close dialog are calculating a few cents off the ending balance of the prior year after the close process is complete. Our development team is aware and working to resolve this issue.

12/08/17 Platform All All Open 12/08/17 N/A IRS e-Services account now requires two-factor authentication
As of December 10, 2017, all IRS e-Services users must register through Secure Access. Secure Access is Secure Access is a registration process to create an account that requires two-factor authentication. Once registered, returning users must enter their credentials (username and password) and a security code that is either texted to a mobile phone or accessed via the IRS2Go mobile app. For additional details, see IRS: Important details about your e-SErvices account.
12/05/17 Payroll On Demand Batch 2017.4.0 Verified 01/04/18 TBD On Demand Batch: Gross pay is not calculating when certain calculation types used

If you do an On Demand batch and select a pay item that uses the Salary amount or Fixed amount calculation type, everything works as expected. However, if you select a pay item that uses any other calculation type (i.e., Hourly, Percent of Gross Pay, etc.), the program will enter the amount you specify as the gross/net pay in the Rate field of the payroll check, but the Amount field stays 0.00. This, in turn, causes there to be no gross pay and no taxes calculate.

12/04/17 All CPE Certificate N/A Notice 12/04/17


How to access your CPE Certificate(s)

Did you know you can view or download your CPE Certificates for Thomson Reuters courses by logging in to your CS Web Account? For instructions, see Obtaining your CPE Certificate(s) via the My Account page.

11/29/17 Platform QuickBooks 2017.3.2 Fixed 06/21/18 2018.2.0 All transactions are not imported from QuickBooks in certain scenarios

If you import transactions from QuickBooks Desktop, delete those transactions, and then try to import the same transactions again, there are unexpected results.

Workaround: Perform the import twice for those transactions to be imported after deletion.

11/17/17 Platform All All Open 11/17/17 N/A License PIN not saving / firm ID and PIN do not match

Communication was sent to firms in October explaining that they must update and/or verify their license PIN, as the PIN is no longer allowed to match the ZIP code. If a firm receives the CS Connect error that the firm ID and PIN do not match our records, they need to verify their PIN on the My Account page.

There have been reports of license PINs appearing to revert to the ZIP code after being updated. A fix for this issue was released 11.19.17. If a firm reports a "Firm ID and PIN do match our records" message in CS Connect, follow the instructions in the internal note of Troubleshooting license PIN update errors.

After troubleshooting, if the PIN is reverting to the firm ZIP code after updating it on our work with your departments CF to resolve the issue.

11/17/17 Payroll Tax Calculation 2017.3.2 Verified 11/17/17 TBD Colorado Denver OPT tax is overwithheld in some circumstances

Currently, the calculation in the system looks at how much was deducted that month. If you have weekly checks and then do a quarterly check it will still calculate because it doesn't look at how much was deducted previously, only for that month.

11/07/17 Accounts Payable Accounts Payable 2017.3.2 Verified 11/07/17 TBD Unable to Apply negative payables properly in the Manage Payments screen

Currently, if there is a negative payable included in an application group, you are unable to apply it properly in the Manage Payments screen. As a workaround, when negative payables are used, you will need to choose Pay (creating a new AP check/payment), instead of Apply (using an existing AP check/payment).

11/07/17 Payroll Time Rack 2017.3.2 Verified 11/07/17 TBD Rejecting an employee pay rate change from Time Rack is not working

If you chose to reject an employee pay rate change when importing from Time Rack in Enter Batch Payroll the system does not honor that selection and will still bring the rate change in.

11/07/17 Accounting QuickBooks Online 2017.3.2 Fixed 06/21/18 2018.2.0 Importing transactions with a zero dollar amount from QuickBooks Online will not import

Transactions that have a zero amount will not import into Accounting CS from QuickBooks Online. These should import as they do from QuickBooks Desktop versions.

11/02/17 Platform All N/A Notice 11/02/17


Change to using the EMS Migration support tool

With the November 2, 2017 , Onvio release you must now use Chrome with the SwitchySharp plug-in installed for access to any of the support tools.The EMS Migration support tool page will not load successfully without the plug-in installed or if you attempt to use an unsupported browser such as Internet Explorer. For details about the EMS Migration support tool, see Internal: Using the EMS Migration Support tool.

For SwitchySharp installation instructions, see Onvio Tools SwitchySharp rules. You will need to complete the installation, configuration, and enable proxy steps found on this page for proper setup of the SwitchySharp plug-in.

Note: During the configuration process you will need to create some new rules for SwitchySharp. Before creating new rules, after entering the Proxy Profile information you will need to click Save for the AWS Connectivity option to appear in the Proxy Profile drop-down menu.

09/28/17 Payroll Client Access 2017.2.2 Verified 09/28/17 TBD Client Access is generating payroll liabilities associated with payroll agents but not tax agents in some situations

In some situations, the Client Access program is generating liabilities associated with payroll agents but it is not generating any of the liabilities associated with tax agents. This appears to happen when a client is setup to do Setup/Time Entry payroll in Client Access only and the client enters a handwritten check via the Actions > Process Batch Payroll Checks screen.

09/28/17 Payroll Check Calc 2017.2.1 Verified 09/28/17 TBD Net to Gross does not calculate correctly if you have an employee in multiple locations that are in different states

Net to Gross does not calculate correctly if you have an employee in multiple locations and those locations are in different states.

09/20/17 Payroll Direct Deposit 2017.2.2 Verified 09/20/17 TBD Changing the effective date when recreating a direct deposit ACH file makes it an unbalanced file

The balanced file feature does not work if you recreate an ACH file that was originally a balanced file and change the effective date. The new ACH file will be an unbalanced file.

09/14/17 Accounting Integration 2017.2.2 Verified 09/14/17 TBD When using integration with GoFileRoom a DateTime index type is being sent with a blank date/time value

Documents sent from ACS to GoFileRoom when the document date index format is set to datetime in GFR do not display the document date in the Search or Search Results in GoFileRoom. The date and time 00:00:00 are present in the Document History Audit and Document Tracking report for the documents.

08/25/17 Payroll Garnishment 2017.2.2 Verified 08/25/17 TBD Virginia and Minnesota creditor garnishments

Virginia and Minnesota creditor garnishments should protect against 40 times the federal minimum wage rate

07/25/17 Payroll Tax Calculation 2017.2.1 Verified 08/09/17 TBD FICA tax calculation may be incorrect with OT hours and marking/ unmarking Wage Exempt

In some cases, if an employee was marked as Wage Exempt for FICA and since unmarked with an effective date at the beginning of the year, the catch-up of FICA does not occur if overtime hours are entered.

07/06/17 Payroll Tax Calculation 2017.1.3 Verified 07/06/17 TBD PA Philadelphia tax is not populating when the Employee is a resident of Massachusetts

Philadelphia city tax does not calculate when there is a business location in Philadelphia, PA, MA business location, and the employee is a resident of MA.

06/13/17 Platform Report Designer 2017.1.0 Verified 06/14/17 TBD Report Designer: Issue with 'If False, Print' logic within row conditional expressions

In the Report Designer when creating a row conditional expression if you set the first condition to 'if false, test next condition' and then set the next condition to 'if false, print' it will ignore the first condition and skip right to the next condition.

06/12/17 Accounting Import 2017.1.3 Fixed 06/12/18 2018.2.0 Quickbooks Online import error due to description length

Users can get an error stating "There is a problem access the SQL server, do you will wish to retry the action" when importing from Quickbooks Online. This is due to the length of a transaction description in Quickbooks, as Accounting CS limits those descriptions to 200 characters. Page breaks in descriptions can be misinterpreted by Accounting CS causing the program to see the descriptions as being longer than 200 characters. Our development team is reviewing the issue and hopes to resolve this in a future update.

Workaround: Remove either the page breaks or enough characters that the characters and the page breaks together are less than 200.

05/09/17 Payroll Tax Calculation 2017.1.0 Verified 05/09/17 TBD Michigan courtesy withholding stops calculating after working in resident city in some situations

MI courtesy withholding stops calculating in some situations where an employee works in multiple cities with local tax including their resident city.

04/18/17 Accounts Payable Accounts Payable 2017.1.0 Verified 04/18/17 TBD Accounts Payable Check Printing error

The following error may occur if using Automatic Application for Accounts Payable in certain situations:

Preprocessing: An error occurred when creating AP checks from pending payments.

04/17/17 Payroll Payroll Check Calculation 2017.1.0 Verified 04/17/17 TBD Special Type Deduction items are not properly excluding certain amounts

Special type deduction items do not properly exclude amounts entered into non-taxable pay items in non-primary locations.

04/10/17 Payroll Reports 2017.1.0 Verified 04/12/17 TBD Workers Comp report not including excluded wages in the appropriate column

The Excluded Wages column of the Workers Compensation - Detailed report may not include wages marked exempt from workers compensation.

03/16/17 Accounting Chart of Accounts 2016.4.5 Fixed 06/21/18 2018.2.0 Segment Code filtering may not work as expected

Using a filter to retrieve a certain segment code or a group of codes may not work.

03/01/17 Payroll Bank Reconciliation 2016.4.4 Verified 03/07/17 TBD Error opening Reconciled Impound Bank Accounts

An error occurs if a staff member attempts to enter Reconcile Impound Bank Accounts but does not have access to the FIRM client.


Object reference not set to an instance of an object.

02/10/17 Payroll Remote Payroll 2016.4.3 Verified 02/10/17 TBD Remote Payroll: Salary - Hours Sensitive payroll items not marked to Auto-Pay are not being pushed correctly to the portal

Pay items that are set up on employees with a method of "Salary - Hours Sensitive" and the Auto-pay option for "Standard Hours" is not marked are being pushed to the client's remote payroll portal as if the "Standard Hours" option was marked on them. This is causing the timesheet on the portal to auto-pay those pay items.

11/18/16 Payroll Accruable Benefits 2016.3.0 Verified 11/29/16 TBD Wrong next accrual date on accruable benefit if method is changed

In some situations, the program is assigning the wrong next accrual date to employees when an accruable benefit item's accrual method is changed. This appears to only be an issue when changing the new accrual method to be Anniversary.

There are two workarounds that will force the system to set the next accrual date to the proper value.

Workaround 1: Choose Setup > Accruable Benefits screen and change both the Accrual Method AND the Balance Reset Date.

Workaround 2:  After the accrual method has been changed on the accruable benefit item, edit the employee and change ANY setting on the accruable benefit item (such as enter an Adjustment or modify the employee's hire date).  Save the change.  Edit the employee and change the settings back to what they should be.  This will force the program to refresh and pick up the proper next accrual date.

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