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This topic compiles important information related to your software, such as the status of known issues, recently corrected problems, and answers to common questions.

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Reported Date Service Category Reported Version Status Modified Date Fixed Version Synopsis
06/08/21 Platform Platform N/A Open 06/08/21 N/A Unable to generate temporary Multi Factor Authentication Codes

We are aware of an issue that is causing users to be shown as not having Multi Factor Authentication enabled when an admin goes to generate a temp code. We have identified the issue and working high priority on a fix. If the user has emergency codes they can use those or if not you can call into support to have them generate a code for you.

If the firm is unable to generate a code for someone, please follow verification process in this article to have a resolver generate one for them. 

ADO 1816838

06/08/21 Platform MFA N/A Notice 06/08/21 NOTICE Thomson Reuters Authenticator App not available for download on Android Phones currently

We do apologize but the Thomson Reuters Authenticator application is not currently available to be downloaded for Android Phones. We are working closely with Google to restore this as quickly as possible.

Note: This is not affecting iPhones or Android Phones that have the application currently installed.

Workaround:  Visit the install page on your device browser to download the Android app:

06/07/21 Platform CS Connect 2021.2.0 Notice 06/24/21 2021.2.0 Release of v. 2021.2.0 update of Accounting CS

The v. 2021.2.0 update of Accounting CS is tentatively scheduled for release on Thursday, June 24th for Desktop users. It will be applied to Virtual Office the night of Wednesday, June 23rd.

06/08/21 Workpapers Integration N/A Open 06/08/21 N/A Virtual Office - SMART Practice Aids / Workpapers CS Integration Error

When any SMART Practice Aids document is opened from the Workpapers dashboard the following error may occur "System.InvalidOperationException: SMART Practise Aids Integration failed with the following error: Retrieving the COM class factory for component with CLSID {40CFD678-E64E-3605-BF48-1A1FB6E81F88} failed due to the following error: 80070002 The system cannot find the file specified. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x80070002)" We are investigating with top priority and will update this alert when we have more information

05/12/21 Payroll Payroll 2021.1.1 Open 05/12/21 TBD Error message "Column 'ARPAGroupDistributionKey' does not belong to table" comes up when firm tries to enter hours in Enter Batch Payroll Checks Screen

An error occurs when trying to save a payroll batch in the Actions > Enter Batch Payroll Checks screen that has hours entered on the Rapid tab for a ARPA special type pay item.


1. While in the Enter Batch Payroll Checks screen, go to Edit > Options.

2. Choose the desired payroll schedule, and mark Display all pay items in the Rapid Tab Grid Column Setup section. Click OK to save this change.

3. Proceed with entering your batch payroll.

WORKAROUND #2: Enter hours for ARPA special type pay items on the Detail tab.

05/12/21 Virtual Office CS/SaaS Platform N/A Fixed 05/12/21 N/A Virtual Office CS and Software as a Service receiving errors when launching applications

Update: We have resolved the issue with the applications launching for Virtual Office CS and Saas. We do expect a little slowness while the system normalizes and logins rise. We are continuing to monitor this very closely and will update with any changes. Please monitor the Online Product Status page for updates.

05/05/21 Payroll Tax Forms 2020.4.1 Open 05/05/21 TBD Calculate Net to Gross Income is Excluding all Other Payroll Items from Withholding Calculations

Using the Calculate Net to Gross function may cause incorrect tax and net pay calculations if multiple pay items are being used.

Development is investigating this issue.

05/04/21 Payroll ACH 2021.1.1 Notice 05/04/21 NOTICE DC Treasurer ACH Credit payment update for SIT

The District of Columbia (DC) Office of Tax and Revenue has updated their 2021 EFT Guide, updating the account number to be used when making ACH Credit payments for withholding, effective April 30, 2021.

If you make ACH credit payments to the DC Treasurer for state withholding, you can update the account number information on the Direct Deposit tab of the Setup > Firm Information> Tax Agents screen.

We will update this information on our release tentatively planned for June 24, 2021. For information on the change, please review the EFT Guide.

04/30/21 Payroll Reports 2021.1.1 Notice 04/30/21 NOTICE Updated COVID-19 custom reports available

With the Accounting CS v.2021.1.1 release, we have updated the following reports that are available in the Accounting CS Library to include the various COVID-19 and ARPA credits that have been extended into 2021. For more information, see COVID-19 - Custom reports.

  • Cash Requirements and Deposits - COVID-19
  • Depository Totals - COVID-19
  • EFTPS Payment Worksheet - COVID-19
  • EFTPS Phone Payment Worksheet - COVID-19
  • Employee Retention Credit Summary
  • Preprocessing Summary - COVID-19

Note: If you have already imported these reports into the Report Designer prior to the v.2021.1.1 release, you will need to re-import them. Accounting CS will append "(2)" to the end of each report name, and will not overwrite the previously imported reports.

04/27/21 Payroll Enter Batch 2021.1.1 Notice 04/27/21 NOTICE Error in dataset during save of batch message when importing payroll into Actions > Enter Batch Payroll Checks

You may receive a message “Error in dataset during save of batch” when importing payroll checks into Actions > Enter Batch Payroll Checks. This message indicates a payroll item with one of the Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA) Covid-19 special types was used on a check that will be dated after 4/1/2021.

After 4/1/2021, the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) special pay types should be used to reflect Covid-19 paid leave wages. To import this payroll, zero out any hours entered in Covid-19 pay items. Once the batch is imported, you can choose “Suspend Batch” to save the import data. Then, go into Setup > Payroll Items and create new ARPA paid sick leave pay items. Next, activate the item(s) on the employee(s) who should receive ARPA paid sick leave pay hours, deactivate the old FFCRA pay items, and then pull the payroll schedule up within Actions > Enter Batch Payroll Checks and choose Yes to the message “Would you like to refresh the checks included in this suspended batch with the latest employee information?”. Add the ARPA Covid-19 hours and choose “Enter Batch” when you are ready to complete the batch.

04/22/21 Payroll Help Topics 2021.1.1 Notice 04/22/21 NOTICE New & Updated American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) and Printing payroll check stubs Help & How-To Topics Added for the 2021.1.1 Release

The following Help Topics have been added/updated for the 2021.1.1 Accounting CS Release:

Printing payroll check stubs (new)

Setting up and using ARPA paid sick leave (new)

ARPA paid sick leave – Calculation examples (new)

Coronavirus response and updates (updated)

04/09/21 Payroll Data Entry 2021.1.0 Fixed 04/09/21 2021.1.1 Reset of COVID-19 paid sick leave and family leave hours - American Rescue Plan Act of 2021

With the Accounting CS v.2021.1.1 release (tentatively scheduled for April 22, 2021), we plan to add the following new special type items to accommodate the COVID-19 paid sick leave and family leave included in the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) of 2021. These items will be available for selection on pay items in the Setup > Payroll screen.

• ARPA self care

• ARPA other care

• ARPA extended child care

The new ARPA items will have a new set of available hours that take effect April 1, 2021. Because of differences in tax treatment and the credit calculation, new payroll items will need to be created with these special types and used on payroll checks that have a period begin or period end date on or between April 1 and September 30, 2021 instead of using the existing COVID-19 special type pay items.

For the most up-to-date information on all COVID-19 changes made to Accounting CS, please see Accounting CS Coronavirus response – updates and resources.

04/08/21 Payroll State Tax Forms 2021.1.0 Fixed 04/15/21 2021.1.1 The Semiweekly Georgia G-7 form is not available in the program for processing currently

For Georgia clients that are set to deposit withholding on a Semiweekly schedule, the Form G-7 does not display or process.

Development is investigating the scenario.

04/07/21 Payroll State Tax Forms 2021.1.0 Fixed 04/07/21 2021.1.1 An error message is received when attempting to process the VT C-101 form

We are aware of the error preventing the VT C-101 form to process and we plan to have this fixed on our next update tentatively scheduled for 4/22/21.

To process the Vermont withholding form WHT-436 that is due on the 25th select just that form in either Actions > Process Payroll Tax Forms or Actions > Edit Payroll Tax Forms and the system will not produce an error.

04/06/21 Payroll Data Entry 2021.1.0 Notice 04/06/21 NOTICE COVID-19 self care/other care pay items are not currently resetting balances on April 1

Employees that have reached the 80 hour limit of COVID-19 self care/other care combination, are unable to enter more hours for those pay items on payroll checks entered after April 1, 2021.

Development is looking into this scenario.

03/29/21 Payroll Tax Forms 2021.1.0 Open 03/29/21 TBD Form 941-X Mailing address on filing instructions is incorrect for multiple states

The address that appears on the filing instructions for the Form 941-X when processing a client in the following states is incorrect.

The correct filing address is:

Department of the Treasury

Internal Revenue Service

Ogden, UT 84201-0005

States affected:

Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Idaho, Iowa, Kansas, Louisiana, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Mexico, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Oregon, South Dakota, Texas, Utah, Washington, Wyoming

Development is currently investigating the scenario.

03/26/21 Payroll Licenses 2021.1.0 Notice 03/26/21 NOTICE Accounting CS - Licenses and/or 2021.1.0 update not applying after Renewal

The 2021.1.0 Accounting CS release requires your licenses to be renewed, downloaded, and applied. If you have already renewed, please try closing the Accounting CS Program and then taking the following steps:

1. Hold the shift key on your keyboard, and Right click on the Accounting CS icon and choose “Run as administrator”. If you do not see this choice, choose Properties instead and go onto the Advanced Tab and check the option to “Run as administrator”.

2. Once the software is open, go to Help > About. In here, choose Download Licenses and enter your Firm ID and PIN and click Next to go through CS Connect to download and apply.

3. Once the licenses are applied, re-open the program normally (without running as administrator). Go to Help > About and verify for Payroll Compliance you see the Expires column update to 2022.

4. If you do not see version 2021.1.0 within Help > About, verify that you do not have an old expired license for a service you are not renewing in your licenses folder (or a trial license). The steps to verify that are here. Next, go to File > CS Connect, mark the “Retrieve available updates” checkbox and choose “Call Now”.

5. If you do not see version 2021.1.0, please follow the steps here.

If after running through these steps you are still having problems download/applying updates, please try the steps here.

If none of the above work, please contact Support.

If customers are unable to retrieve licenses and all the normal troubleshooting steps above have been completed, please try the following:

1. Regenerate the firm's licenses in EMS by going to Applications > Licenses > Generate Licenses.

2. Download and Apply licenses again (Run the program as administrator as stated in the external steps).

3. Open the program normally (not running as administrator), and download/apply updates.

03/25/21 Payroll Tax Forms 2021.1.0 Fixed 04/08/21 2021.1.1 Edit Payroll Tax Forms: Year field and Refresh button is cut off for Corrected 1099 forms

In the Actions > Edit Payroll Tax Forms screen, you will not see the Refresh button when you have the following selected:

  • Form Type: Corrected
  • Form: 1099

To be able to process and edit corrected 1099 forms, do the following while in Actions > Edit Payroll Tax Forms:

1. Change the Form type selection to Reconciliation.

2. Mark the Monthly checkbox.

3. Change the Form type selection back to Corrected.

Development is currently investigating.

03/15/21 Platform Platform N/A Notice 03/23/21 N/A Printing Issues & Blue Screen

Microsoft recently released a set of KB updates, some if which caused unexpected errors for print drivers in various applications, which impacted printing for many Thomson Reuters products. Microsoft has now resolved this issue with a few out-of-band releases, please see details here

03/11/21 Payroll Rescue Plan Act 2020.4.5 Notice 03/11/21 NOTICE American Rescue Plan Act of 2021

On March 10, 2021, the U.S. Congress passed the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021, which President Biden is expected to sign in the coming days. The act extends current COVID-19 related provisions, including the COVID-19 sick paid leave and family paid leave credits, Employee Retention Credit, and Paycheck Protection Program. We are currently working on the necessary application changes and plan to do an initial release on March 25, 2021.

For the most up-to-date information on all COVID-19 changes made to Accounting CS, please see Accounting CS Coronavirus response – updates and resources.

03/08/21 Payroll Tax Forms 2021.1.0 Notice 03/08/21 NOTICE 2021 Forms 941, W-2/W-3, and state/local quarter forms

The following forms will be available in Accounting CS v. 2021.1.0, tentatively scheduled to be released on March 25, 2021.

• 2021 Form 941 (Employer's Quarterly Federal Tax Return)

• All copies of the Form W-2 and W-3 (except the black-and-white Copy A and W-3)

• Various 2021 state and local quarterly returns

Before you download and apply this update, you first need to renew your Accounting CS license for 2021 (if you have not already done so). Next, download the Accounting CS v. 2021.1.0 license by marking the Retrieve licenses checkbox in the CS Connect dialog in Accounting CS and then clicking the Call Now button. After you have applied the license, return to the CS Connect dialog to retrieve available update.

02/26/21 Platform Licenses 2020.4.5 Notice 02/26/21 NOTICE Accounting CS licenses will expire for most firms on 3/1/2021 - with a grace period of 4/30/21 - Renew to continue receiving support & product updates

Accounting CS licenses will expire for most firms on 3/1/21. To continue receiving support and product updates, renew prior to that date. Your grace period of 4/30/21 showing in Help > About only pertains to access to the software, not support and product updates. If you are setup for automatic renewals and have a valid credit card on file, the renewal will take place on 3/2/21. Did you know you can Renew Online through My Account? Follow the steps in the Renewing your programs help topic to renew today. If you’ve already renewed and are having issues downloading\applying your new licenses, please follow the steps here.

02/22/21 Workpapers Source Document Processing 2020.4.5 Open 02/22/21 TBD 1099-MISC "Could not determine the document file type.

When organizing a 1099 MISC an error message "Could not determine the document file type." is displayed.

02/17/21 Payroll Reports 2020.4.3 Fixed 02/17/21 2021.1.1 For Maine clients, the Client Information payroll report is displaying an incorrect Total UI Rate (Total Unemployment Rate)

For Maine clients, the unemployment rate variables for 'Current Total Rate' and 'Latest Total Rate' are displaying incorrectly in report output, such as for the Total UI rate displayed in the Client Information payroll report.

02/15/21 Payroll 1099 2020.4.2 Open 02/15/21 TBD California 1099 Internet File Types being submitted to SWIFT

Upon uploading 1099s to the California Franchise Tax Board system, the following message is received:

Upload action is forbidden. Cannot upload /ToFTB/CATAXNEC


  1. Create the California 1099 files as normal in the Actions > Process Internet/Magnetic Files screen.
  2. Within that screen click the File Location link.
  3. Browse to the path where the file was generated (for tax year 2020 files, the location will be 12-31-20/CA/Batch File X (where X is the batch file number used for the creation of the files).
  4. Rename the 1099 files to have ".txt" at the end. For example, rename file "CATAXNEC" to be "CATAXNEC.txt".
  5. Upload to the California Franchise Tax Board system.
02/10/21 Payroll Tax Forms 2020.4.3 Notice 02/10/21 NOTICE "Unauthorized software vendor or submission contains an unapproved form" message when e-filing the Detroit_5323 form

If you have e-filed Form Detroit_5323 after updating to Accounting CS v.2020.4.3 and have received the following rejection: “Unauthorized software vendor or submission contains an unapproved form,” please recreate and re-transmit your file.

02/05/21 Payroll State Tax Forms 2020.4.3 Notice 02/05/21 NOTICE Kentucky Semimonthly and Monthly Filing Requirement Changes

The Kentucky Department of Revenue has changed its filing requirements for Forms K-1, K-1E, K-3, and K-3E. All semimonthly and monthly depositors are now required to electronically file and pay the income tax withheld for periods beginning on or after January 1, 2021.

With Accounting CS v.2020.4.3, tentatively scheduled to be released on February 8, 2021, we have made several application changes to support Kentucky’s new filing requirements for semimonthly and monthly depositors. No changes have been made for quarterly and annual depositors.

Note: We plan to release another application update, tentatively scheduled for February 18, 2021, with additional changes to meet the remainder of the Form K-1 filing requirements for semimonthly and monthly depositors.

For more information, see Kentucky – Withholding forms update.

01/29/21 Payroll 1099 2020.4.2 Open 01/29/21 TBD New Jersey 1099 files need to be accompanied by the NJ W-3

The filing of 1099s for the State of New Jersey also requires a NJ-W-3 filed to accompany the 1099s.


Log into the State of New Jersey Payroll Taxes and Wage Withholding: Filing, Payment, and Reporting Service website here.

Enter NJ-W-3 information for 1099s.

Development is looking into this scenario.

01/29/21 Payroll 1099 2020.4.2 Open 01/29/21 TBD NJ 1099 Internet files must begin with "NJ1099" in order to be processed

The 1099 files created for the state of New Jersey in Accounting CS will not have the proper filename that the agency requires for filing.


1. Go to Actions > Process Internet/Magnetic Files

2. Select the New Jersey 1099 files and choose Create Files.

3. Browse to the location of the New Jersey files that were created.

4. Right-click the file generated and choose Rename. Rename the file to begin with "NJ1099".

For example, 1099-NEC file named "NJTAXNEC.txt" can be renamed to "NJ1099NJTAXNEC.txt".

Note: If you are using Accounting CS on Virtual Office or Software as a Service, use the File > Copy Files feature to access the file and place it in a local drive before renaming.

Development is looking into this scenario.

01/27/21 Payroll State Tax Forms 2020.4.0 Open 01/27/21 TBD Incorrect or missing Payer State EIN when processing 1099 files via the internet filing method

When processing 1099 files through Edit Payroll Tax Forms or Process Payroll Tax Forms for the Internet filing method, there is an error that reads: "Unable to add the file for [client ID]. The following are either missing or incorrect: Payer State EIN.".

This occurs when a state is missing a Withholding ID from the Setup > Clients > Payroll Taxes screen. If all States Withholding IDs have been entered, try processing again, and check if the 1099 file is being created by opening the file path where the Internet/Magnetic files are stored.

The error may be generating falsely for vendor recipients that are not receiving any 1099s but have an address in a state where no State Withholding ID has been entered. If this situation occurs, clicking OK on the message will still allow the file to be created.

12/30/20 Payroll ACS Library 2020.4.0 Notice 12/30/20 NOTICE Paycheck Protection Program - Updated Average Payroll Cost Worksheet

We have updated the Average Payroll Cost Worksheet in the Accounting CS Library to include an option to calculate 3.5X average monthly payroll costs.

Note: If you have already imported this report into the Report Designer, Accounting CS will import the updated report Average Payroll Cost Worksheet (2), and will not overwrite the original report. For more information on this report’s calculations, see the Average Payroll Cost Worksheet article in the Help & How-To Center.

08/06/20 Payroll Enter Batch 2020.2.2 Pending Fix 08/06/20 Pending Release 2021.2.0 Client Access users receive an error when entering a batch payroll in some situations

Client Access users setup for Payroll with Setup and Time Entry only marked may receive an error when attempting to save a payroll through Enter Batch. One situation we have seen this occur is if the client selects DNP on some employees and suspends the batch. After pulling up the suspended batch and trying to save the error occurs.

ERROR: System.Data.DeletedRowInaccessibleException: Deleted row information cannot be accessed through the row.

at System.Data.DataRow.GetDefaultRecord()

at System.Data.DataRow.get_Item(String columnName)

at CS.Accounting.Business.CheckEntry.BatchPayrollCreatorCore.CreateClientAccessNotification()

at CS.Accounting.Business.CheckEntry.BatchPayrollCreatorCore.SaveData(ReasonForSave reason, Nullable`1 clientCheckBook)

at CS.Accounting.PresentationModel.CheckEntry.CheckPayrollProcess.BatchPayrollCreator.SaveAndResetBatchPayroll(ReasonForSave reason)

at CS.Accounting.PresentationModel.CheckEntry.CheckPayrollProcess.BatchPayrollCreator.ManageSave()

at CS.Accounting.PresentationModel.CheckEntry.CheckPayrollProcess.BatchPayrollCreator.ViewEnterButtonClickedHandler(Object sender, EventArgs e)

04/10/20 Payroll Payroll Tax Forms N/A Notice 04/10/20 NOTICE Form 7200

There are no plans to add this form into the system currently, but development would like us to track the amount of firms asking for it. Please add firms requesting this form to ADO 1792151

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