Signoff Types screen

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You can set up signoff types to assign to staff members working in an engagement. This provides a convenient method to track the status of a workpaper at any phase in the engagement process. Signoffs can be added to workpapers in the Engagement Binders Tree and the Workpapers List portlets of the View > Workpapers Dashboard.

Choose Setup > Firm Information > Signoff Types.

Special information

Fields & buttons

Select a signoff type from the list to edit or delete.

Enter a name or description (using up to 50 alphanumeric characters).

Mark this checkbox to designate this signoff type as inactive. The program filters inactive signoff types from all engagement binders so that they cannot be selected. You can reactivate the signoff type at any time by clearing this checkbox.

Assign a role of Preparer or Reviewer from the drop-down list.

Select a number (1 through 9) from the drop-down list to assign a shortcut key combination of CTRL + <number> that enables you to quickly add a signoff to a workpaper.

  • Add button. Click this button to add a new signoff type to be available in all engagement binders.
  • Edit button. Click this button to edit information for the currently selected signoff type.

    Note: If you change the description for a signoff type that is used in other areas of the application, Workpapers CS will update the description for all existing instances of this signoff type.

  • Delete button. Click this button to delete the currently selected signoff type.

    Note: You can delete only those signoff types that are not used in any area of the application.

Opens the Signoff Types Sort Order dialog. You can use the Move Up and Move Down buttons to re-order the list to appear as you want in the Signoff Type lists within the application.

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