Extract pages in the PDF editor and insert them back into the binder

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Extract pages from and existing PDF

Use the following procedure to extract pages from a PDF in the PDF editor.

  1. In the Workpapers Dashboard, right-click a PDF and choose Open to open it in the PDF editor.
  2. Choose Document > Extract Pages to open the Extract Pages dialog.

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    Extract pages dialog

  3. In the Page Range section, choose the appropriate option.

    Note: The Selected Pages option is grayed (unavailable) until you choose View > Pages Thumbnails and select pages to extract.

  4. In the Options section, choose the most appropriate action for extraction.

    Note: You can choose the Extract Pages As Separate Files option or the Save Extracted Pages to New File option, but not both at the same time. When either of those options are selected, the fields in the Save as section become available (ungrayed).

  5. In the Save as section, choose the destination folder on your local drive to create the PDFs, and choose the appropriate File name.

    Note: You can click the Macro button to insert a specific variable to add to the PDF's filename. (For example, choose Autonumber to add consecutive numbers to the filenames for a series of separate PDFs.)

  6. Click OK to extract and save the PDFs to the selected location.

Insert extracted binders back into the engagement binder

Use the following procedure to insert PDFs into the engagement binder

  1. In the Engagement Binders Tree portlet open the Add Workpaper Wizard and right-click an engagement binder briefcase or folder, and choose Add Workpaper, or click the Add Workpaper add workpaper button in the toolbar.
  2. In the Workpaper Type screen, select External from the Source drop-down list.
  3. Click the Browse button and navigate to the location of the extracted PDFs, mark the checkboxes next to those items in the grid, and then click Next.

    Note: You can mark the Delete source file(s) checkbox to remove the external file from the source location after it has been added to the engagement binder.

  4. For each PDF, select the appropriate workpaper properties in the Workpaper Properties screen.
  5. Click the Finish button to insert the PDFs into the engagement binder.

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