Merging PDFs in the PDF Editor

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Use the following procedure to merge two PDFs that are open in the PDF editor.

  1. In the Workpapers Dashboard, open both PDF workpapers to be merged.
  2. In the PDF editor, click the tab for the PDF into which content from a second PDF will be merged.
  3. Choose Document > Insert Pages to open the Insert Pages dialog.

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    Insert Pages dialog

  4. In the Source section, click the From Already Opened Document option and select the PDF from which to merge content.

    Note: To merge content from a PDF that is not currently open in the PDF editor and not part of the current engagement (external document), click the From File option.

  5. In the Source Page Range section, choose the pages to merge into the selected document.
  6. In the Destination section, select the location in the document in which to insert the pages from the second PDF.
  7. Click OK to merge the content into the primary PDF.

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