AdvanceFlow security overview

Alerts and notices

The security features in AdvanceFlow allow you to manage access to areas of the application based on the grouping of AdvanceFlow users into pre-defined security roles, such as "Administrators," "Managers," and "Reviewers."

Users who have administrative permissions can manage role assignments for other users, configure security-role permissions, and add or delete security roles.


  • AdvanceFlow security permissions for each user initially correspond to that user's permissions as assigned in GoFileRoom.
  • When you assign multiple security roles for a single user, that user's access to AdvanceFlow features is determined by the assigned security role with the highest level of access. For example, a user assigned to a "Preparer" role may not be able to modify your firm's engagement templates, but if that user is also assigned to a role for which this permission is enabled (an "Administrator" or other similar firm-designated role), they can modify templates.

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