Generating and editing PPC SMART workpapers in Legacy AdvanceFlow

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After linking to an AdvanceFlow engagement from PPC's SMART Practice Aids, you must generate SMART workpapers to be able to access them from within AdvanceFlow.

Generating SMART workpapers

  1. From within SMART Practice Aids, choose Tools > Create SMART Docs.
  2. Select the applicable SMART workpapers in the Create SMART Docs dialog and click the Create button.

    Note: This process can take several minutes, depending on the size of the current engagement.

  3. In the Generation Status dialog, click the Close button after all SMART workpapers have been generated successfully.

    Note: The Upload Status column of the Upload AdvanceFlow Documents dialog will indicate that all documents have been added.

  4. Click the Close button. The workpapers will now appear in AdvanceFlow within the Workpapers tab for the linked engagement.

Editing SMART workpapers

SMART workpapers appear within the Workpapers tab for the linked AdvanceFlow engagement with a SMART workpaper SMART workpaper icon icon.

To edit a SMART workpaper, right-click the workpaper in the Workpapers tab and choose Edit from the context menu to open the workpaper in SMART Practice Aids.

Note: When you make changes to a SMART workpaper from within SMART Practice Aids, choose Tools > Create SMART Docs to generate a new workpaper and to replace the corresponding workpaper in AdvanceFlow.

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