Frequently asked questions

Alerts and notices

AdvanceFlow uses lookup lists (client names and client number indexes) in the GoFileRoom Clients drawer to determine the lists of clients for whom you can add engagements.

For details on setting up a new client, see Adding clients.

If you have appropriate security permissions, you can change the account structure in the Engagement Properties dialog at any time.

Engagements are independent of each other; therefore, you can consolidate them at the client level. However, you can create a dummy client if you want to keep consolidations separate.

You must save the GoFileRoom trial balance locally and then import the local version in AdvanceFlow.

Highlight multiple workpapers at once by holding the CTRL or SHIFT key while clicking multiple workpapers in the list. Then, click the Sign Off button in the ribbon.

All warnings in the Workpaper tab indicate that the associated workpaper was edited after a signoff was made on that workpaper. See Workpaper warnings for more information.