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User bulletins provide information about enhancements, changes, and special issues related to AdvanceFlow.

Note: You must have Adobe Reader version 9.0 or higher installed to view or print user bulletins. If you don't have the current version or if you have problems opening user bulletins, you can download and install the latest version of the Reader from the Adobe Reader page of the Adobe website.

View user bulletins for the current release

Click the following link to open the user bulletin for the current release of AdvanceFlow.

UB 8613 AdvanceFlow v.2019.1.1 Update (5/3/19)

UB 8609 AdvanceFlow v.2019.1.0 Update (3/20/19)

UB 8608 AdvanceFlow v.2018.2.4 Update (2/13/19)

UB 8607 AdvanceFlow v.2018.2.3 Update (1/30/19)

UB 8602 AdvanceFlow v.2018.2.2 Update (12/13/18)

UB 8585 AdvanceFlow v.2018.2.1 Update (9/21/18)

UB 8574 AdvanceFlow v.2018.2.0 Update (8/10/18)

UB 8570 AdvanceFlow v.2018.1.3 Update (6/14/18)

UB 8558 AdvanceFlow v.2018.1.2 Update (5/3/18)

View user bulletins for prior releases

The following links open the user bulletins for prior releases of AdvanceFlow.

UB 8554 AdvanceFlow v.2018.1.1 Update (3/23/18)

UB 8546 AdvanceFlow v.2017.4.3 Update (2/23/18)

UB 8533 AdvanceFlow v.2017.4.2 Update (1/19/18)

UB 8520 AdvanceFlow v.2017.4.1 Update (12/20/17)

UB 8512 AdvanceFlow v.2017.4 Update (12/14/17)

UB 8490 AdvanceFlow v.2017.3 Update (8/24/17)

UB 8473 AdvanceFlow v.12.0 Update (5/18/17)

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