AdvanceFlow features

Alerts and notices

The following is a list of some of the significant features that are included in AdvanceFlow.

Engagement features

  • Add new engagements to AdvanceFlow using the eleven provided templates. You can also update the default templates or create new templates
  • Create an engagement from an existing engagement
  • During the engagement finalization process, you can: view diagnostic information about open notes, unsigned workpapers, proposed journal entries, and workpapers that have been designated for deletion; review open notes and unsigned workpapers
  • View the history of all actions performed on an engagement
  • Conveniently access engagement-related features via right-click menus in the workspace
  • Define tax-vendor and entity information in the engagement properties dialog
  • Track beginning and ending engagement dates, documentation release and completion dates, and deletion dates for an engagement
  • Include or exclude specified workpapers and modify workpaper properties during the roll-forward process

Workpaper features

Trial balance features

  • Define column information when you import a spreadsheet in the Trial balance workspace
  • Create engagement-specific account groupings
  • Add dollar and percentage variance columns to views in the Trial Balance workspace
  • Consolidate trial balances by account grouping with a subcode, by account number, by tax code, or by tax code with a subcode
  • Consolidate consolidated trial balances
  • Assign tax codes based on entity type
  • Assign account grouping codes and tax codes to accounts in a consolidated trial balance.
  • Insert a workpaper reference on a journal entry
  • Use the AdvanceFlow Excel Add-In to create variables for consolidated Trial Balances
  • Export trial balance views to Microsoft Excel
  • Add workpaper reference hyperlinks to accounts

Administration features

Integration features

  • Designate specific tax vendors for integration with AdvanceFlow
  • Use PPC SMART Practice Aids integration features to open SMART type workpapers within the SMART application, to update review copies of SMART workpapers from within an engagement, and to replace SMART workpapers when rolling a linked SMART engagement forward
  • Export trial balance data for use in ProSystem fx or Lacerte Tax

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