Cannot Install Microsoft SQL Server on a Domain Controller

Alerts and notices

For security reasons, Microsoft recommends that you not install SQL Server on a domain controller. SQL Server Setup will not block installation on a computer that is a domain controller, but the following limitations apply:

Install Microsoft SQL Express from X:\Product Download\MSI\SQLEXPR_x86_ENU.exe (where X represents the drive where the application is installed and "program directory" for the application's installation folder. Instructions for installing Microsoft SQL Server can be found in Upgrading or installing a Microsoft SQL instance.

After successfully installing Microsoft SQL Server, you can continue with the installation and complete Step 2, "Configure Database Server."

  1. Choose the Use an existing instance of Microsoft SQL Server option, and click Next.
  2. Choose the instance that you created when you installed SQL Server above.
  3. Continue with Step 3 to install the application.
  4. Follow any prompts on screen and click Finish.

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