Error: "The file does not contain any backups..." when restoring a SQL database

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When attempting to restore a SQL database you receive the following error: "The file does not contain any backups, access is denied on the file, or the path does not exist. Please select another location and try again.".

This error is generated if you attempt to restore a database created in a newer version of SQL (for example, if you attempt to restore a 2014 SQL database into a 2012 SQL instance). To resolve this, you need to install the same or newer version of SQL as the backup.

What version of SQL is the backup from?

If the backup came from Virtual Office CS/SaaS, contact Support at 800.968.0600 to find out the version. You need to know the Firm ID of the Virtual Office CS/SaaS firm the data came from.

If the backup came from a non-Virtual Office CS/SaaS installation, such as a local, LAN, Terminal Server, or third-party cloud installation, you need to check the version of SQL installed on the machine the backup was made from.

Install the matching or newer version of SQL

  1. On the machine you want to restore the backup to, install the matching or newer version of SQL you found in the section above. To download and install SQL, consult your firm's IT professional. 
  2. After completing the SQL installation, run the installation for the CS program you are restoring backup data for (Accounting CS, Workpapers CS, FileCabinet CS, or Practice CS). Skip to step 2 of the installation and either choose an existing instance of SQL, or choose to create a new instance. 
  3. After completing the CS installation, attempt to restore the backup within the CS program.

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Internal only

To connect your installation to multiple versions of SQL, see Internal: How to connect to multiple instances of SQL