Scanning expectations and recommendations for Virtual Office CS

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FileCabinet CS, Workpapers CS and Fixed Assets CS provide the ability to scan documents (using your TWAIN-compliant scanner) to add documents directly into those applications.

When scanning into a locally-installed application, many factors can affect the performance of the scan job:

  • temporary files,
  • memory on the computer,
  • DPI settings,
  • color settings, and more.
When scanning into any terminal server environment, including Virtual Office CS and SaaS (Software as a Service), those factors become even more important, and bandwidth also becomes a factor.


This list contains commonly helpful tips but is not exhaustive.

  • Try using a different scanner driver. Many TWAIN-compliant scanners include different TWAIN and WIA drivers.
  • Download and install an updated TWAIN driver for your scanner. Driver updates may contain performance enhancements.
  • Evaluate your bandwidth speed. When uploading the scanned images into the application in Virtual Office CS, you are uploading large files - you want to make sure that you have enough upload speed to handle the job efficiently.
  • Modify your scan settings:
    • Reduce your DPI (dots per inch) - many scanners default to 300 DPI or higher. The higher the DPI, the larger the file size.

      Note: If you're using Source Document Processing, we recommend using 400 DPI for optimal results.

    • Color vs. Black & White - Color scans result in larger files than black & white or grayscale files. If you have no need for color in the documents you are scanning, changing your scanner settings to black & white or grayscale can greatly reduce the size and upload time of the files being scanned.


The following table gives a comparison on the size of a file if scanned with different color modes and DPI settings. These numbers are based on a 10 page 8.5" x 11" document. Different scanners may cause variations in file sizes. Larger sized documents will require a higher amount of bandwidth and will take longer to scan into applications.

Color Mode Black & White Black & White Color Color Grayscale >Grayscale
DPI settings 100 300 100 300 100 300
File Size 1.21 MB 10.97 MB 27.5 MB 247.5 MB 9.2 MB 82.82 MB

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