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The license type determines the functionality available within an expired CS Professional Suite application. For details, see Internal: Types of Licensing. Limitations in functionality take effect at the end of the license grace period. For details, see Internal: Licensing grace periods for all CS Professional Suite applications

A license type cannot be changed or upgraded after purchase. In the case of Creative Solutions Accounting, the Customer Service department may offer exceptions to this due to the March 1, 2017, permanent license expiration. 

Changing license types should not be communicated to customers as an available option. Direct inquiries about changing license types to the Customer Service department.

Before making the exception

You cannot offer this exception to a customer before you consult with a Customer Service Team Leader. When offered, the purchase of a perpetual license is intended to allow for continued historical data access. In the event of a system crash or need for a new workstation installation, the annual license type does not allow for new license installs after the grace period ends.

Note: Firms owning Engagement CS and Creative Solutions Accounting or with license expiration dates prior to March 1, 2017, do not qualify for this exception.

As the Customer Service representative, when customers specifically request to change their license type, complete the following steps:

  1. Review the information about Creative Solutions Accounting expired licenses with the customer and determine their reasoning for us to grant them this exception.
  2. For guidance on additional questions to ask the customer and points that needs to be shared regarding licensing, discuss the customer's request with the Customer Service Resolver.
  3. After obtaining all the necessary information from the customer, work with a Customer Service Team leader for approval to offer the purchase of a perpetual license.
  4. If approved, a Customer Service Team Leader will provide you with the sales proposal. The cost to purchase a perpetual license is delivered to the customer via the sales proposal.
  5. After you receive the sales proposal, provide it to the customer and review the information in the Helping customers get prepared section. 

Helping customers get prepared

For continued historical data access, customers with perpetual licenses must take action before the June 1, 2017, end of support. After the end of support, the application download will no longer be available on our website. The customer is responsible for creating data backups of their system and their license folder. This is outside of the scope of support. Do not edit the Creative Solutions Accounting license folder. Before the download for Creative Solutions Accounting is removed from our website, complete the following.

Note: The annual license type does not allow for new license installs after the grace period has ended.

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