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Error processing SSI file
Error processing SSI file
Reported date Application(s) Modified date Synopsis
05/11/20 PRP Reversals 05/11/20 PRP Reversals

Retroactive to April 1st 2020 – When a customer upgrades from an UltraTax CS PRP license to an unlimited license, it will be commissionable. This means that we cannot offer any PRP reversals for firms that have upgraded to an unlimited license. This would only apply to the same entity in which they upgraded. For example, if a customer upgraded to a 1040 unlimited license and they call a week later asking for all or some of their previous 1040 PRPs to be reversed, it should be denied. If they’re asking for a PRP reversal for an entity that has not been upgraded, those can still be reversed if appropriate.

05/01/20 Billing 05/01/20 Updating pricing for Technical Support

As of May 1, 2020 Technical Support is charged at $27 per 10-minute increment. A support contract is $70 for the first product and $38 for the second.

01/02/20 Billing 01/02/20 New mailing address for payments

We can no longer have payments routed to our physical address here in Ann Arbor. Urgent payments should be sent to the following address:

Thomson Reuters
Professional Software and Services
Attn: Order Processing
36930 Treasury Center
Chicago, IL 60694

11/20/19 Financed Renewals Financed Renewals

Customer Support is unable to process financed orders for renewals over the phone. The customer must sign a Finance Agreement or go online and click the Finance box. You will receive the message below if you try to process a financed order online.

You will receive this message if you try to process a financed renewal online.

11/15/19 All Products Electronic Signatures
We do accept electronic signatures by Docusign (an electronic signature service) on Thomson Reuters' forms that require a signature.
11/15/19 Accounting CS Payroll 2019 Payroll Forms

The 2019 year-end forms (940, W2, 1099, etc.). will be released released with the fourth quarter update, which is tentatively scheduled for December 19th.

You can get information on the common form release schedule in the following article from the Help and How To Center:

When will the new tax forms be available?

10/29/19 GoSystem Tax RS Firm Admins Receiving the Prompt to accept the new Master Agreement

With the release of the new 2019 GoSystem Tax RS software, firm administrators are being prompted to accept the new master service agreement in the program. They will need to Accept, even if they have not yet renewed for next year. Once they have accepted the new master agreement, they will be able to continue to use the software through the end of the year.

10/25/19 Web Cancellations Incomplete Web Cancellation Requests

If the firm does not indicate on the Cancellation Request that their data has been backed up and if they are also cancelling their NetClient CS, contact the customer to verify this information. Keep an open ticket to retain call ownership until you receive the information from the firm and the cancellation has been processed.

10/16/19 Fujitsu Fujitsu scanners not being sold

We are no longer selling Fujitsu scanners. Scanners can still be purchased through other means/retailers, but our customers can no longer obtain a scanner through Thomson Reuters.

8/21/19 Flash Accounts Receivable (AR) Call Notes

AR call notes have not been available in Flash since last November. These are entered into GetPaid by our AR team and were not auto-populating into Flash. Business Operations fixed the issue and those notes will import into Flash on a daily basis, including the notes backdated to when the issue started last year.

8/20/19 Practice CS Practice CS renewal notices

A round of renewal notifications for firms licensed for Practice CS expiring 11/1/19 and before were sent to customers today. There are three audiences:

  • Current users that have accepted MSA
  • Current users that have not accepted MSA
  • Expired users

Please note the 20% discount to add new Practice CS products ends on August 31, 2019.

04/29/19 CS Professional Suite Unable to Access website

If users are unable to access the website, first advise them to clear their cache and cookies and restart the web browser and attempt to login again.

If they are still having trouble accessing their account, ensure they have proper access to the website by reviewing their role codes.

If they are receiving the message, "Your account has been deactivated, please contact your administrator.", please have an administrator perform the steps found within Troubleshooting application or website login errors for CS Professional Suite. If the error persists, also review Internal: Troubleshooting Thomson Reuters ID and authentication errors.

03/20/19 CS Professional Suite Non-Functional PRP license issue with retrieving PRPs

There is currently an issue with about 20 firms that are former Accountware users that have the Federal PRP Non-Functional license. They are unable to retrieve a PRP code for their city returns that are not unlimited. The Federal PRP Non-Functional license was provided to them so they could get a PRP for city returns without requiring them to get a Federal/state PRP code. We can provide a PRP code via EMS and waive the $2 surcharge for generating the PRP code.

Development is aware of the issue and working towards a resolution.

For more information on the licensing for the Non-functional PRP license, see Licensing and renewal overview. For more information on generating PRPs, see Obtaining PRP codes when there is no EIN/SSN.

03/20/19 CS Professional Suite Direct Debit Authorization Email Notification

A direct debit authorization notification was sent to 324 firms, and is a result of us cleaning up services the firm had associated with the direct debit account but are no longer current. The notification shows that we have associated General Services with the account, but no charges will be made.

The firm can disregard the notification. If they need to manage their method of payment, see Method of payment - add or update your credit card or bank account information.

03/11/19 Accounting CS Accounting CS auto renewal for Virtual Office CS firms

Firms licensed for Accounting CS on Virtual Office CS will be auto renewed starting 3/15/19 using the method of payment designated for web services.

If a firm contacts us to use a different method of payment, use the following guidelines for handling those requests.

  • We can void same day transactions for Credit Cards by sending an email to Order Team and explaining the firm needs to stop payment and they are making adjustments to renew using another card. There is no fee for any same-day changes.
    • After the order is processed, there will be a 2.5% fee to reverse a credit card payment
  • Direct debit reversals are handled the same as credit card reversals, but a 10 day waiting period is required if the order is being cancelled the day after the order is processed.
  • For more information on refund requests, see Return / Refund Information.

If a firm does not wish to auto renew ACS or for more information on auto renewals on Virtual Office CS, see Auto renewal for non-tax products.

02/14/19 UltraTax CS UltraTax CS renewals processing 2/15/19

The final payments for many financed UltraTax CS renewals will be processed by 8:00 am on 2/15/19. Users will receive an email to download their new licenses. Historically this has generated calls in which users would like to stop a payment or make alternate payment arrangements. Keep the following in mind:

  • We can void same day transactions for Credit Cards by sending an email to Order Team on 2/15 and explaining the firm needs to stop payment and they are making adjustments with Accounts Receivable to adjust the finance dates. There is no fee for any same-day changes.
    • After 2/15/19 there will be a 2.5% fee to reverse a credit card payment
  • We can stop a direct debit payment from processing until COB Tuesday, 2/19/19. While this is not normal practice, we are choosing to hold off on sending the debit file to our bank. Send an email to Order Team before COB 2/19/19 for any adjustments.
    • After COB Tuesday, 2/19/19, there will be a 10 day waiting period before we can reverse Direct Debit payments for UT.
01/22/19 CS Professional Suite FileCabinet to Onvio transition

For firms transitioning data from FileCabinet CS to Onvio, there are a few licensing considerations.

  • If they are not current on FileCabinet CS, submit a $0 EOR to extend the licenses to the next standard renewal date that is twelve months or more in the future.
  • If there is a licensing error in FileCabinet CS requesting a Terminal Server flag, submit an EMS ticket describing the error and requesting the Terminal Server be added.

For more information on the migration from FileCabinet CS to Onvio, see Migrate FileCabinet CS data to Onvio.

01/11/19 CS Professional Suite MFA and Multi-office record (MOR) firms

There is a known issue where the CS Web administrator for Multi-office record (MOR) firm's are unable to generate temporary MFA codes for staff member accounts that are not on the main firm ID. When they attempt to manage MFA on for the staff member they will either get a 500 - Internal server error or the staff member will show as not having MFA enabled.

If the staff member needs a temporary MFA code (and they haven't generated temporary codes), the only option is for us to generate a code for the staff member. We will need to follow the same process as we do for administrators and will need a letter stating the following: I [name], a CS Web administrator for [firm ID], request a temporary Multi-factor authentication code for [user] because I am unable to generate the code.

For further information on generating temporary codes, see Internal: CS Web administrators with MFA - generating a numerical code for temporary login. For further information on troubleshooting TRID or authentication errors on CS Web, see Internal: Troubleshooting Thomson Reuters ID and authentication errors.

10/31/18 Website 10/31/18 Certificate error on a Thomson Reuters site

Thomson Reuters' certificate vendor has changed. As a result, users may receive a certificate error on a Thomson Reuters site. To clear the error and view our sites, users should work with their IT professional to complete the following steps:

  1. Apply any outstanding Windows updates to the machine(s) experiencing the issue.
  2. If the firm restricts automatic root certificate updates, add COMODO RSA Certificate Authority to the trusted root.

As a workaround, they can click the option in your browser to continue to the site after receiving the certificate error. The wording and location of this option varies depending on the browser.

10/29/18 Onvio 10/29/18 Onvio cancellations

If Customer Service receives a cancellation request for Onvio, keep the following items in mind:

  • If they indicate they have not used the product, there is no data to back up and we can accept the cancellation if they state something along the lines of never having used the product.
  • Verify it’s the Onvio licensee requesting a cancellation, and that the right products are mentioned.
  • Once the cancellation is properly received, you will route it for processing as described in Web services cancellations and searching for “Onvio” in the article.
  • If you have a firm asking for instructions to cancel Onvio Client Center/Documents, send them the Canceling your Onvio subscription article. Note that the article is not searchable in Onvio, and you have to send the actual link.
10/16/18 UltraTax CS 12/21/18 $500 down promotion for UltraTax CS renewals extended

The campaign to allow firms that have not yet renewed UltraTax CS for the coming season to have the option to finance through 2/15/19 with a $500 down payment is now available. Email communications will be sent to the licensee and billing contact starting on 10/19/18, and the promotion is available online now. See the following details for the campaign:

  • The campaign runs from 10/16/18 - 12/28/18, with the final payment being 2/15/19.
  • There is no financing fee. The firm can pay $500 upon processing the renewal, and pay the remaining amount 2/15/19.
  • There is a 20% discount on new products added before 11/2/18.
  • Communication will be mailed out on 11/7/18 to any firms that have not yet renewed.
  • Financing is available online

For more information on financing options, see Maintenance financing guidelines. For more information on the UltraTax CS renewal campaign, see UltraTax CS renewal overview.

08/28/18 All products Signed orders and copies of contracts

If a firm is requesting a copy of a signed original order, an addendum, a contract, or any other confidential information that's unique to the firm, the documents can only be sent to a current licensee or delegate on the account.

8/20/18 Security 8/20/18 Thomson Reuters Authenticator app update for Android devices

The Thomson Reuters Authenticator app version 1.3.140 was released for Android devices in the Google Play Store and the Amazon Store. The update configures Android devices with OS version 5.0 and lower to use the updated security and encryption of TLS v1.2. Android devices with OS version 5.0 and higher are pre-configured with these security settings and are not affected by this update.

08/09/18 CS Professional Suite Trial licenses can no longer be sent

Starting immediately, no trial licenses can be sent to a customer by internal customer facing staff without proper approval. If a client needs a trial license, it can only be done by submitting an EOR to have Order Team secure the proper approvals. This process can take up to 48 hours to complete.

This applies to all software and environments; SaaS, Virtual Office CS, and local installations.

08/07/18 UltraTax CS eSignature autorenewal cancellation requests

Customers who purchased an eSignature package and are nearing their autorenewal date are now starting to receive automatic renewal reminders. They are instructed to complete an online Services Cancellation Request form if they wish to not renew. If you receive a cancellation request, mark the eSignature product as NLU using the instructions found in Updating renewal plans in EMS. Then send the cancellation request to Order Team by printing it to GoFileRoom. Instructions for printing to GoFileRoom are available in Printing to GoFileRoom CS for Customer Service. For more detail on the eSignature renewal, see eSignature billing and licensing.

06/28/18 Practice CS 07/19/19 Practice CS Renewal Campaign begins

The Practice CS renewal campaign begins 6/28/19 with firm's being sent the renewal reminder via email. You or clients may notice this is earlier than normal, and this is due to having the Master Service Agreement (MSA) in place, and our commitment to give 90 days notice for the renewal.

The MSA was introduced last summer for all new orders, and for firms renewing Practice CS that agreed to it. For any firms that did not acknowledge the MSA last year they will be prompted to do so before they can proceed with renewing Practice CS online. If any renewals are being handled internally (because the renewal was mailed in or a Sales order includes the Practice renewal) we need to get clients acceptance on MSA from the licensee or firm delegate (ideally the client does this online in the Practice CS renewal screen). If a firm does not agree to the MSA terms we can still process a renewal, however, we need to capture their MSA decline. Instructions for reviewing the MSA acceptance or decline are found in the internal notes section of Setting up your Practice CS auto renewal.

If the firm accepted the MSA last year, we will automatically renew them using the Renewal method of payment on file, and no further action is needed.

Firms are able to get a 20% discount until 8/31/2019 if they add a new module to their renewal.

More information is available on the Practice CS renewal and licensing on the Licensing and renewal overview, and more detail on calling on expired campaigns can be found on Expired software renewal campaign calls.

04/20/19 UltraTax CS 07/19/19 UltraTax CS early renewal discount

The early renewal discount period is now in effect through August 31, 2019. If a firm pays in full, a 5% discount is available. If the firm renews with financing, there is no discount available. 

For more information on the UltraTax CS renewal, see the UltraTax CS renewal overview.

2/28/18 AdvanceFlow AdvanceFlow requests for SOC2 report

For AdvanceFlow, when requested the GoFileRoom SOC2 report can provided. When sending this to customers, you must in include the following in your message:

"Critical components of the AdvanceFlow audit management system, such as the document storage/management, user authentication/access, and physical/environmental security and monitoring, are covered in the GFR SOC2 audit. While other aspects of AdvanceFlow were not included in previous GoFileRoom SOC 2 audits, Thomson Reuters intends to include the AdvanceFlow application and workforce in its entirety in the 2019 SOC2 audit process."