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Reported date Application(s) Modified date Synopsis
2/16/18 Web Services Web services billing updates

Several items to be aware of concerning web services billing:

  • CSA web services will no longer be billed after December 2017. As of January 1, 2018 the pricing for CSA web services such as Remote Payroll Services for CSA, CBS ASP, Web Employee, etc, has been changed to be $0. EMS will reflect the same, and firm will not see CSA web services on their billing report after December 2017. See the Web Services Billing Basics article for more information on billing.
  • There is a known issue where we have missed processing the Web Builder CS annual domain registration fee for summer 2017 until March 2018. This will be updated in April 2018 and domain renewals will continue at that point for the expected month. We will not collect on missed billing. See the Web Builder CS Domain Registration article for information on how the service is billed.
  • On December 1, 2017, the pricing for using QuickBooks via NetStaff and NetClient CS increased from $50 to $60. It was recently discovered the NetClient CS pricing was not updated. This will be corrected in February 2018, and on March 12, 2018, the billing for February will accurately reflect $60/portal. We will not retroactively charge for December and January billing that was inaccurate. See the CS Professional Suite price list for the most up to date pricing.

See the Web Services Specialist or Team Leader for any billing questions.

2/13/18 CS Professional Suite 2/14/18 CS Web Login Issues RESOLVED

Update 2/14/18: This error is resolved.

Our development team has identified an issue that may impact a user's ability to log in to our website. When attempting to log in to our website, access the My Profile page, or complete your security migration you may receive one of the following error messages:

  • We're unable to verify your profile information. Please close your browser window and try again.
  • The server did not respond in time. Please try again.

We are working to resolve the error and will update this Alert when resolved. There is no need to submit IRS escalation forms for this issue at this time.

1/26/18 CS Professional Suite Marketing campaign to update license PINs for select firms

On Friday, 1/26/18, a communication will be sent to firms who's PIN number matches a zip code in their account. This will be sent to approximately 550 firms, and may generate some calls. For more information on updating a license PIN, see the Managing your license PIN article.

1/24/18 CS Professional Suite, Onvio, and GFR Phishing E-mail
There has been a confirmed phishing e-mail being sent to CS Professional Suite users from Below is a facsimile of the email being received.


Your account has been Approved, you are all set but do not forget to verify your CS Professional Suite Account.

CLICK HERE to verify your CS Professional Suite Account.

*Link Expires in 24 hours

If you speak with a customer that has received this e-mail, please contact the Support-Incident Management team.

1/11/18 Engagement CS Engagement CS update released and CSA impact

In January 2018 a release for Engagement CS will prompt firms to download an update, and this will include an updated license. Firms with expired CSA licenses for Payroll CS, Payroll Compliance, Trial Balance and/or Write-Up, currently have limited functionality within the program for these modules. If these firms are also licensed for Engagement CS and apply this update, they will lose the limited functionality for the expired modules.

Suggested workaround for firms that wish to continue the limited/expired functionality would be to keep a separate install of CSA and not update Engagement CS on that install.

12/27/17 UltraTax CS PRP-only purchases must have EFIN Application Summary

Starting in December 2017, we are no longer selling a Federal PRP license to any firm that does not have an approved and active EFIN. If someone wants to use the UltraTax PRP-only option to file tax returns, they simply need to have and provide a valid EFIN Application Summary to purchase the software. The EFIN application summary should be submitted with the PRP order.

For information on retrieving the EFIN Application Summary, see the E-file application summary and EFIN requirement overview.

12/12/17 Web Services Billing for MS Exchange space usage on 12/12/2017

Starting November 1, 2017, Thomson Reuters started billing firms for additional space used for MS Exchange that is over their allotted space. Previously the MS Exchange data was not included in the space allocation.

Firms that had over $200 in additional space being used received a billing suppression in September and October and worked with support to adjust their usage to avoid future fees. They will begin getting billed on November 1, for a December 12, 2017 invoice. Firms that will receive an additional $200 or less in storage fees were called and emailed resources for lowering their space usage and started getting billed in September 2017 and have been getting charged since October 12. All firms were also sent documentation for reducing space usage and given contact information for support.

Because space usage is controlled by the firm, there are rarely credits given for the service. For more information and resources on handling these conversations, see the following articles:

12/08/17 UltraTax CS & Accounting CS IRS e-Services account now requires two-factor authentications
As of December 10, 2017, all IRS e-Services users must register through Secure Access. Secure Access is Secure Access is a registration process to create an account that requires two-factor authentication. Once registered, returning users must enter their credentials (username and password) and a security code that is either texted to a mobile phone or accessed via the IRS2Go mobile app. For additional details, see IRS: Important details about your e-SErvices account.
12/6/17 UltraTax CS PRP Credit Deposits

Firms that are in their first or second year lock-in UltraTax CS renewal bundle that renewed before the end of June 2017 will receive a PRP deposit to use towards their 2017 tax season preparation. The deposit will be processed by the end of December. See Guidelines for UltraTax CS renewals by audience for more information on these PRP credits.

12/4/17 CS Professional Suite Accessing your CPE Certificates

Users that attended the 2017 Synergy conference, will now have the ability to access their CPE Certificates for the conference. Certificates will be available 30 days after the end of the conference and can be accessed by the attendee. See Obtaining your CPE Certificate(s) via the My Account page for information on how to obtain the certificate(s).

11/28/17 CS Web 12/06/17 Fixed: CS Web server error when updating CS Web account profile information

When updating the password or email address associated with your CS Web account, some user may receive a server error message. Although this error message appears, your changes are saved and the new password or email will now be your new login credentials. Our development teams are working on releasing a fix as soon as possible. For details about updating your CS Web account, see Changing your CS Web account profile information.

11/20/2017 CS Professional Suite Firm delegate and License PIN

As firms update their license PIN, update address, contacts, and other processes that require a Licensee, a Firm Delegate cannot be assigned in the absence of the licensee. The Firm Delegate option is only available for firms that are a NONA (non-accounting) type or an Enterprise type firm. For more details on firm types, see the Internal: Firm types article. For more information on the Delegate process, see the Modifying the firm delegate role article.

11/20/2017 Fixed Assets CS Fixed Assets CS on Virtual Office CS

Fixed Assets CS is now available for download and Virtual Office CS firms that have renewed Fixed Assets CS have had the new version loaded. Several firms were not able to be automatically renewed for the following reasons:

  • No web credit card on file.
  • Web credit card was declined at the time of auto billing. We have not had the resources in the call center to proactively reach out to these firms to let them know we were unsuccessful in billing them.
  • Firms that have a bundle with UltraTax CS, Fixed Assets CS, and FileCabinet CS must renew the whole bundle in order to access Fixed Assets CS. We are not authorized to automatically renew UltraTax CS.

For more information on automatically renewed products see the article Auto renewal for non-tax products.

11/17/2017 CS Professional Suite License PIN updates

Communication was sent to firms in October explaining that they must update and/or verify their license PIN, as the PIN is no longer allowed to match the ZIP code. If a firm receives the CS Connect error that the firm ID and PIN do not match our records, they need to verify their PIN on the My Account page.

There have been reports of license PINs appearing to revert to the ZIP code after being updated. We are aware of this issue and are working on a resolution. For now, follow the instructions in the internal note of Troubleshooting license PIN update errors

11/17/2017 CS Professional Suite Handling duplicate contacts in EMS

During the CS Web account creation process, if a contact record already exists for an individual and it is not selected in the available drop-down menu, it will create a duplicate contact record in Flash and EMS. This duplication can also happen in prior years and been the setup on the account for a long time. This can affect the user's ability to access their CS Web account, or even their CS Professional Suite Applications.

When a Licensee or Firm Delegate does this, their CS Web account will not correctly be assigned the role of Licensee of Firm Delegate and they cannot access any of the functions on the Manage Firm page. To resolve this issue, the duplicate contact records can be merged. For more information on verifying a duplicate and requesting the contact be merged, see the article regarding duplicate contact records for a Licensee or Firm Delegate.

For more information on the various role types, please see the article on Flash and EMS contact role codes.

11/9/2017 Accounting CS Accounting CS renewal campaign begins!

The initial renewal notification email for Accounting CS has been sent out. Our scheduled dates for the campaign are as follows:

  • 11/9/17 – Initial renewal emails
  • 12/12/17 – Reminder emails
  • 01/17/18 – 2nd notice emails
  • 02/01/18 – VO firms emails
  • 03/16/18 – 3rd notice emails
  • 04/19/18 – Last notice emails

The promotion for a 20% on new additional products is available until December 15, 2017.

The email text can be read in MKT under Recent Client Communications.

11/3/2017 CS Professional Suite New product add-ons within 6 months of renewal

If a firm needs to add additional users, seats, or payroll bundles and the product expires within the next six months, the firm will also need to renew the product. The reason they renew is to avoid paying to add the new service, then renew it within the six month period. The new product expiration date will be synchronized with the main product.

  • Example: If a firm has 20 Payroll clients with a 3/1/18 expiration date and wants to add a bundle of 5 clients on 12/5/17, the firm would renew the full Accounting CS license through 3/1/19, then purchase the additional bundle. The ACS license and new payroll bundle expiration date would be 3/1/19.

The Customer Service Call Facilitator can create the custom renewal in order for the Sales Representative to add the renewal to the new sales proposal.

12/01/16 Accounting CS 11/3/17 Transitioning from CSA to ACS

ACS Transitions are now handled by Sales

The Sales team is now responsible for the Accounting CS transition sales. If you come across a firm interested in transitioning from CSA to ACS, email the firm's Sales Representative, or Sales Reception if there is no Sales Representative assigned.

Related topics

11/02/17 CS Professional Suite applications Change to using the EMS Migration support tool

With the November 2, 2017, Onvio release you must now use Chrome with the SwitchySharp plug-in installed for access to any of the support tools.The EMS Migration support tool page will not load successfully without the plug-in installed or if you attempt to use an unsupported browser such as Internet Explorer. For details about the EMS Migration support tool, see Internal: Using the EMS Migration Support tool.

For SwitchySharp installation instructions, see Onvio Tools SwitchySharp rules. You will need to complete the installation, configuration, and enable proxy steps found on this page for proper setup of the SwitchySharp plug-in.

Note: During the configuration process you will need to create some new rules for SwitchySharp. Before creating new rules, after entering the Proxy Profile information you will need to click Save for the AWS Connectivity option to appear in the Proxy Profile drop-down menu.

10/31/17 Virtual Office CS, SaaS, Creative Solutions Accounting Notification of CSA/CBS being removed from VO/SaaS on 12/31/17

On 10/31/2017 an email was sent to all Virtual Office CS and Software as a Service firms that we will be removing access to Creative Solutions Accounting and Client Bookkeeping Solutions on 12/31/2017. The email text can be reviewed in MKT the firm's Recent Firm Communications.

10/27/17 CS Professional Suite Handling Manage Firm confirmations

After a Licensee completes changes to firm name, phone number, or address information, Customer Service receives a Manage Firm confirmation in KANA to review and make the requested changes. For details about changing information in EMS, see Internal: Record management guidelines and procedures.

Due to the license PIN communication sent on October 25, 2017, we are receiving a larger volume of these requests. When processing, review the requests carefully to ensure all of the user's changes are made. The following are some things that are easy to miss:

  • Phone number changes.
  • Change to an all caps preparer block.
  • A minor change to the firm name, such as removing a letter or single a punctuation mark.

There are also some known issues that are being addressed where possible. The following are the items we are currently aware and the actions you should take in these situations. If you encounter an issue not listed below please report it to your CF.

  • Confirmations are being sent and there is no change to make. Review the request carefully, some requests for changes are subtle and can easily be missed.
    • If there are no changes, and the firm's license PIN does not match their ZIP code no answer the confirmation message.
    • If the license PIN does match the ZIP take advantage of the opportunity to remind them they have to update this to install the 2017 releases of their applications. For details see Managing your license PIN.
  • The only change requested is to change the ZIP code on the Physical address. There have been some instances where users have mistakenly tried to update their license PIN and entered it in the wrong field. Check EMS to see if the license PIN has been updated to reflect the new "ZIP code."
    • If the license PIN has been updated, no action is required and you can no answer the confirmation.
    • If the license PIN still matches the firm's ZIP code, respond the user to obtain clarification about the request.
  • You cannot read the first line of the message to see who placed the request. Copy and paste the incoming message in to your Flash notes. After doing so you will be able to read all the text and see who sent the request.
10/25/17 CS Professional Suite Action required - update your CS Professional Suite license PIN

New for 2017, if your license PIN matches your ZIP code, your firm's designated Licensee or Delegate must update this to a secure PIN. You'll enter your firm ID and license PIN to download and install the appropriate licenses to your CS Professional Suite applications.

After renewing your application licenses, a secure license PIN is required to complete the installation of your application. For details, see Managing your license PIN.

10/25/17 GoSystem RS GoSystem RS Order Confirmations

On 10/27/2017 the initial release for GoSystem RS is available for current GoSystem RS customers.

  • For the firms that have not renewed for tax year 2017, we are automatically renewing their transactional pricing addendums. This is a $0 order and is required in order for us to continue billing the firm through the end of the year (and after if they order data archives). This is important because clients are still able to add locators and users, or process electronically filed returns, and we need to properly bill for the service.
  • For firms that are renewed that received the confirmation, this is an expected event. This is because they renewed late last year and their pricing addendum did not synch to their contract end-date. Firms may disregard the order confirmation once it's been explained.
10/17/17 UltraTax CS 12/26/17 UT $500 down finance promotion available

The 2017 UltraTax CS $500 down financing promotion is now available online for all eligible firms. The firm is able to process their renewal with a $500 down payment, and the final payment is due 2/16/2018.

  • NEW: The offer is available until 12/29/17. Be sure to encourage firms to send in the renewal by 4 pm on 12/28/17 to ensure adequate processing time.
  • If the firm insists on paying by check, they must overnight a check to Order Processing at 6300 Interfirst Dr, Ann Arbor, MI 48108 in order to ensure the check arrives by 12/28/17 and can be processed.
  • Several payments may be made between processing and the final date, and the firm can further customize the renewal online by adjusting for a higher initial payment.
  • A 20% discount on new add-ons is available through 11/3/2017.
  • Customers are notified of the option via email on 10/19/2017.
  • If the firm requests the final payment date to be after 2/16/2017, see a TL for approve and submit an NST once finalized.
  • See the Maintenance finance guidelines article for more information.
10/5/17 CS Professional Suite Licensee email needed BEFORE processing online renewal

If the firm's licensee and/or billing contact does not have an email address on file, you may receive the following error message when processing the renewal via MKT:

"Sorry, an error occurred while processing your request. Please use your browser's back button and try again. If you continue to experience difficulties, please call Customer Service at (800) 968-0600 for further assistance, or try again later."

This is an internal-only error and do not attempt to re-process the renewal!

To avoid this error, add the licensee and/or billing contact email to the contact and encourage users to complete the renewal online. This is expected to be resolved in the next EMS update, scheduled for late October. See Renewing your CS Professional Suite applications for more information.

09/29/17 Practice CS Practice CS Support during auto renewal period
  • Between 10/1/17 and 10/15/17, provide support to every Practice CS firm, regardless of any expired licenses warnings that may come up in Flash. There is no need to discuss license renewal with firms who call in for Support, as it may cause confusion. Practice CS is utilizing a new auto-renewal process, so firms who registered for auto-renewal have done everything required of them, but their licenses may not be processed right away. See Setting up your Practice CS auto renewal for details on the auto-renewal process.
  • There may be firms calling between 10/1 and 10/15 whose licenses are truly expired – that is fine. Between 10/1 and 10/15, we are supporting ALL firms, no questions asked. 
  • This does not affect our policies on billable calls. Code calls as you normally would. 
  • After 10/15/17, all auto-renewals should be processed, so any firm with an expired licenses warning in Flash should be instructed to renew and support should NOT be provided.
  • This information is subject to change, so watch for communications from Management. 
05/23/17 Accounting CS & UltraTax CS 09/29/17 E-File application summary required to electronically file payroll tax forms

An EFIN requirement is now in effect for Accounting CS. An e-file application summary is required before transmitting payroll tax forms electronically from Accounting CS. An email communication was sent to users on 5/31/17, 7/21/17, and 9/20/17 informing them of this requirement.Attempting to file a federal 94x with an unverified EFIN will cause that return to be rejected. For details, see E-File application summary required to electronically file payroll tax forms.

Due to continued downtime on the IRS e-Services site, some exceptions may be possible.

  • Firms without an unlimited license that are blocked must provide their summary or choose an alternate filing method.
  • For firms with an unlimited 94x filing license, start by requesting the summary, some firm do have copies of this already on file. If they do not have the application summary, request a copy of the letter of acceptance they received from the IRS when their EFIN was first assigned. This is only a temporarily exception. Once the IRS e-Services site is operational again, they will need to submit the summary.

A cleanup effort is underway for both Accounting CS and UltraTax CS e-file application summary submissions. If a firm has concerns about a communication they have received, please assure them this is valid request and not a phishing attempt. The email the user received is listed in Flash notes.

09/18/17 UltraTax CS Breakeven recommendations now on UT renewal page!
With the 9/16/17 EMS update, internal and external users working on an UltraTax CS renewal can now see the recommended products from the breakeven report on the Recommended New Additional Products page of the renewal. This means no more going between pages! A user can then see the report by clicking the information (i) button to see the full breakdown. Examples of firm's that have this are 62403, 492927, and 480687. If the firm's add the product the recommended products will not be on the New Products page.
09/15/17 CS Professional Suite applications On Demand Client Training Video available
Firms that purchase training for their client to use now have a new resource to show them how to set up the training. The article can be shared with the user. Additional internal information is available for Customer Service representatives as well.
08/18/2017 CS Professional Suite applications Changes to licensee demographic modification on CS Web
Firm licensees who need to make changes to their email address should always self service this change, see Updating your CS Web account information. If the CS Web account is inaccessible, complete the following steps:
  1. Exhaust all possible troubleshooting steps, see Troubleshooting CS Web or application logins and Resetting forgotten CS Web account password 
  2. If the CS Web account remains inaccessible the Representative needs to carefully confirm if they are truly assisting the licensee. The goal is to ask direct questions to make sure it really is the licensee that is making the request. In most cases the licensee should have access to the email address used to create their CS Web accounting, and when or if they do not this is a red flag.
    • Ask why they cannot access the email address we have on file? They can and should do further troubleshooting on their end to gain access. If they cannot access it due to a forgotten password they will need to work with their IT if needed.
    • Ask what their new email address will be. If it is a clearly different email from the current email, such as moving from to, then this is a big red flag.
  3. Record all troubleshooting, questions, and responses in Flash.
  4. If the request is legitimate place an MIS ticket to update the email address. This should be done very rarely and with extreme caution.

Licensees who need to make a change to their legal name need to make the request in writing and provide supporting documentation of the legal name change. Documentation includes a marriage certificate, divorce decree, legal name change, etc. After the documentation is received, place an MIS ticket to update and include the supplied documentation.

If the name change is minor, such as correcting a misspelling or changing a nickname, this can be done online, and instructions are listed on Updating your CS Web account information. It is up to Customer Service to properly vet the legitimacy of the request before placing an MIS ticket.

6/29/17 All products Phishing Email Scam

We have been made aware of a Phishing Email Scam that has been sent to some CS Professional Suite users. The Phishing Email asks for 'Re-Validation of Login Credentials'. This was NOT sent by Thomson Reuters. It is an attempt to trick practitioners into revealing their login information. Please do not click on 'Login' button in this email.

If you receive a call about this from a user send the Firm ID, contact name, email address, and details of the message received - including the email address the email address was sent from - to the Command Center.

06/28/17 All products Responding to questions regarding Petya ransomware

For users asking questions about this, here is the approved Thomson Reuters customer statement regarding Petya ransomware.

"Thomson Reuters takes the security of its global systems seriously. We are well aware of the latest, highly publicized, Petya ransomware attack that has impacted a number of organizations around the world, and our systems continue to function normally.

We are continually monitoring our systems to ensure the protection of our customers’ information and achieve consistent reliability of our products and services.

In the event customers experience any difficulties, they should contact their customer representative as usual.

06/14/17 CS Web accounts "We're unable to verify your profile information" error message when updating CS Web account information

An issue has been identified affecting the ability to update password information for some CS Web account users.

When attempting to complete the steps to update your CS web account password, after clicking the My Profile link an error occurs. The error message states, "We're unable to verify your profile information. Please close your browser window and try again." This error can occur when there is a mismatch between passwords in the database.

To resolve this issue, have the user complete the steps for resetting a forgotten CS Web account password. If the issue persists, enter an IRS escalation request form and the Web Analyst team can generate temporary password manually on our end. Note: This form must be completed using Google Chrome.

06/14/17 Web Services Password request loop when attempting to disable multi-factor authentication

An issue has been identified affecting the ability to disable multi-factor authentication for some NetStaff CS users.

When disabling multi-factor authentication for your login credentials, after clicking the disable button you must enter your password. Some special characters, or combinations of special characters may cause users to be repeatedly prompted to enter their password, without successfully disabling multi-factor authentication. Development is aware and working on a fix.

As a workaround, users can change the special character used in the password for their NetStaff CS login credentials. Finding the right special character or combination of special characters to resolve this issue can require several attempts. Users may also elect to leave multi-factor authentication enabled until a fix releases.

03/31/17 CSA 06/16/17 Support contracts for ACS/CSA/CBS

The official sunset date and end of support for these products is June 1, 2017. Support contracts for CSA and CBS were automatically end-dated on May 31, 2017. The final monthly billing for CSA or CBS support contract fees occurred on May 1, 2017. A status message in Flash was added stating, "CSA Support contracts terminated as of 05/31/17 due to CSA Sunset."

Customers owning Accounting CS applications covered under a CSA support contract were automatically transitioned to Accounting CS support contracts. Coverage for their Accounting CS application will continue with no interruption of coverage to the user. This is not considered a new contract and is not subject to a new twelve month commitment. For support contract cancellation details, see the Monthly technical support contracts section of Internal: Overview of Support Terms & Contracts. An email communication was sent on June 16, 2017, informing users of the transition.

To determine if a support contract has been transitioned from CSA to ACS, complete the following steps:

  • Open the firm record in EMS.
  • Navigate to Firm > Order & Shipping History.
  • Mark the Order checkbox and then the Sup Contract checkbox to filter the list to show only Support Contract invoices. If the contract was transitioned from an existing CSA contract "CSA Support contract transition" will appear in the Comments field.
06/02/17 All products Calls notes cannot be shared externally

Notes logged in Flash are an internal only resource and cannot be shared with users externally. During a support dispute a customer may request a written copy of call notes. These requests can no longer be accommodated, the information contained within call notes is intended for internal use only and is not meant to be shared in written communication with an external user. Consult with the Customer Service Call Facilitator on duty for additional assistance handling these types of requests.

06/01/17 Accounting products End of support for CSA, June 1, 2017

As of June 1, 2017, there is no technical support via phone, chat, or email available for Creative Solutions Accounting. With the extension of the grace period for permanently expired CSA moved to December 31, 2017, there are some circumstances in which support for CSA may be approved. If you receive a request for technical support review, the following:

  • If there is a conversion question, we will still provide support, as this is consider part of Accounting CS support.
  • The Flash warning message, "Confirmed not transition to ACS, no CSA support should be provided for expired licenses" indicates this firm has told us they do not plan to transition to Accounting CS. Reiterate that support can no longer be provided for CSA. However many answers are still available in the Help & How-To Center.
  • Firms requesting assistance with CSA that own Accounting CS by be able to some limited assistance. Check that their licenses are current and transfer to support to discuss their request. Accounting CS licenses must be current to receive technical support for any accounting product.
  • Phone queues for CSA have been permanently disabled. Route calls to the appropriate Accounting CS queue. For more details, see Internal: CSA & CBS support workflow.
05/02/17 GoSystem Tax RS 05/30/17 2017 GoSystem Tax RS renewals

The 2017 renewal season for GoSystem Tax is underway! There is no early renewal incentive being offered for 2017 renewals. Pricing for unlimited modules changed from the previous percentage of contract total to include a minimum cost for each module. The new pricing model is as follows:

  • The cost to add Unlimited Prior Year Access is equal to the greater of $1500 or ten percent of the total contract price. If Unlimited E-file is already owned, the cost of this is deducted from the total contract price before the new Unlimited Prior Year Access cost is calculated.
  • The cost to add Unlimited Electronic Filing is equal to the greater of $3500 or fifteen percent of the total contract price. If Unlimited Prior Year Access is already owned, the cost of this is deducted from the total contract price before the new Unlimited Prior Year Access cost is calculated.

For additional assistance with renewal questions, see Internal: GoSystem Tax RS renewal overview. Interim renewals will begin to go out shortly. For details, see GoSystem Tax RS interim renewals for add-on orders.

A price increase for add-on locator and/or user orders went into effect this year. Interim renewals do not reflect this price increase. Customers who do not renew interim renewal items will be subject to the higher add-on rate when adding these materials later.

05/30/17 Web Services 8/18/17 Customer Service internal Virtual Office login credentials

Access to the internal Customer Service internal functions for Virtual Office requires an internal login. There are two sets of credentials, which are as follows.

  • Login ID: and Password: Password60!

This information can also be found in the internal web billing basics topic.

02/16/17 CS Professional Suite applications 05/30/17 Strengthen security for your firm and clients with multi-factor authentication

Did you know Thomson Reuters can offer even more advanced security options through multi-factor authentication? Many of the online accounts and software products that you use every day are currently protected by a login and password - multi-factor authentication adds at least one more layer of identity verification to that process.

We strongly recommend that you use multi-factor authentication to provide the highest level of security for you data. To get started, see Multi-factor authentication overview. For additional details about our strongly recommended security measures, see the Data Security for Tax and Accounting Firms page on our website.

If multi-factor authentication is enabled and the mobile device is not accessible, a temporary code can be generated by an administrator. For details, see Logging in to your CS Professional Suite applications when you mobile device is not accessible.

05/02/17 Web Services 05/30/17 UltraTax CS to Software as a Service (SaaS) transitions

Route any signed sales proposals for UltraTax CS to SaaS sent to to a member of the Customer Service transition team in to handle. The 2017 transition team includes Chelsea Thomas, Amanda Bremmer, and Ronda Prescott. For details, see Internal: UltraTax CS to Software as a Service transition.

When firms are transitioning to using UltraTax CS via Software as a Service (SaaS) from local or vice versa, keep the following in mind:

05/30/17 Web Services Reminder: Web Services price increase effective June 1, 2017

The 2017 price increase for web products - Virtual Office, Software as a Service, Web Builder CS, and/or NetClient CS - takes effect June 1, 2017. The first invoice reflecting the price increase is on July 12, 2017. To view your billing statement, log in to your NetStaff CS® administrator portal, and go to Admin > Utilities > Reports and click Billing Report. For assistance discussing price increases, see Internal: Positioning tips for price increases.

A communication about the price increase was sent to the Web Admin on May 11, 2017. The communications sent varied based on product mix. To view a copy of the email a user received, use the Recent Firm Communication portlet available through MKT.

05/25/17 CS Professional Suite 06/01/17 Resolved - "Unable to confirm password" error message when enabling or disabling multi-factor authentication via CS Web
The issue causing users to receive this error message when enabling or disabling multi-factor authentication for their CS Web account has been resolved. Users who cannot access their CS Professional Suite application or the website due to an inaccessible mobile device, should follow the steps for logging in when your mobile device is not accessible.
05/23/17 All CS Professional Suite applications New external renewal resource available

We now have an external Help & How-To Center topic you can share with customers contacting us to renew their CS Professional Suite applications. For details, see Renewing your CS Professional Suite applications.

Try sharing this resource with users at the very beginning of the call. It may help shorten the call, and customers are more likely to remember the resource in the future when you use it early on in the call.

05/10/17 All products New process - Name changes for Licensees

To better secure a licensee's website profile information (name and email address), CS Web administrators no longer have the ability to modify a licensee's website profile information. To modify name or email address information, the licensee must log in to their own CS Web account to make changes. For details, see Updating your CS Web account information.

Supporting legal documentation must accompany changes to the licensee's name. Development is working to put notification in place on our website alerting customers to this new requirement. Licensing and Piracy completes a daily audit for changes to a licensee's name. If supporting documentation is required a pink slip is placed for Customer Service, and the name is reverted back to what it was originally. Examples of acceptable documentation for a name change include the following.

  • Marriage Certificate
  • Civil Union Certificate
  • Divorce Decree
  • Name Change Certificate
  • Court Order
  • Judgment of Name Change
05/10/17 UltraTax CS Non-Taxworks step up firms

Non-TaxWorks firms coming out of a substantially lower than standard lock-in price, may want to consider Software as a Service (SaaS). This option is epically beneficial for smaller offices, where only one or two people need access to UltraTax CS. To pre-qualify customers, see Internal: UltraTax CS to Software as a Service Transition

05/10/17 Web Services File Share for Web Builder CS

In March of 2017 we began offering File Share to new Web Builder CS clients. We are now transitioning existing customers from the legacy portal platform, WebAsyst to File Share. On Friday May 5, 2017, we sent an email communication about this transition. Migrations will occur between June and August.

  • Customer receive a notification at the beginning of the month their migration occurs in.
  • The migration to File Share for Web Builder CS requires a CS Web account. For assistance, see Creating and managing CS Web accounts.
  • If customers have concerns about the move, and would like to speak with a member of the Web Builder team, send their contact information to

For additional information about File Share, see Get started with File Share for Web Builder CS.

05/05/17 All products New external CPE Certificate content available

We now have an external Help & How-To Center topic you can share with customers contacting us to obtain their CPE certificates. For details, see Obtaining your CPE Certificate(s) via the My Account page.

Try sharing this resource with user at the very beginning of the call. It may help shorten the call, and customers are more likely to remember the resource in the future when you use it early on in the call.

02/01/17 Engagement CS 05/09/17 Engagement CS requires a network license

With the permanent expiration of Creative Solutions Accounting licenses on March 1, 2017, and the end of support for this family of products on June 1, 2017, Engagement CS is now a stand alone product. As such, to utilize this application on a local area network or in a terminal server environment a separate network license for Engagement CS is required. Previously the Creative Solutions Accounting network licensing covered this requirement for Engagement CS. As a standalone product the Accounting CS network license does not provide this functionality for Engagement CS.

Expired Engagement CS users with network licenses will have a product expiration date of 3/1/17 and a CSA network expiration date of 12/31/17. This change was made because expired Engagement CS users were unable to access CSA on VO or use their network seats to access via desktop. In working with MIS, CSA network seats were updated to 12/31/17 to prevent issues throughout the grace period.

05/02/17 CSA 05/03/17 Resolved: Issues with extended CSA grace period for LAN/TS network

An EMS update on 5/3/17 corrected the issue with CSA network license not reflecting the extended grace period of 12/31/17. This excludes firms licensed for Engagements CS. Updated licenses for Virtual Office users will be applied in the evening on Wednesday May 3, 2017.

Customers still experiencing this issue should retrieve an updated license via CS Connect. Mark the delete all previously installed licenses checkbox before retrieving licenses. For assistance, see Downloading and installing licenses via CS Connect. Virtual Office firms encountering this issue prior to the 05/03/17 evening update should work with support for assistance resorting the CSA licenses files to the 04/30/17 version.

05/02/17 UltraTax CS and GoSystem Tax RS Name changes and EFIN verification

Anytime there is a change of demographic information, such as name and address information, external users need to make these updates with the IRS. Changes to demographic information can impact EFIN verification. If the firm name is changing a new EFIN associated with that name is required. For details, see Internal: EFIN- License transfers, splits, mergers, and acquisitions.

An EFIN application summary reflecting the new name must accompany all license transfers or firm merge paperwork for UltraTax CS. These requests cannot be processed without a verified EFIN for the new name on file. For details, see E-file application summary and EFIN requirement overview.

04/27/17 Accounting CS Helping with Accounting CS support transfers

With the June 1, 2017, end of support for Creative Solutions Accounting and the May 1, 2017, deadline for quarterly payroll taxes Accounting CS support queues are experiencing a higher volume of calls. What can you do to help? Before you transfer a call to Accounting CS support, share a few resources customers can review while they wait.

  • Answers to many new users questions can be found in Getting started with Accounting CS.
  • For questions about quarterly payroll taxes, the Alerts and Notices section found on any Accounting CS topic, contains links to our top five help resources.
  • The Finding Answers page for Accounting CS provides additional tips and tricks for finding help using the Help & How-To Center.
04/26/17 Accounting CS Accounting CS updates fail to apply through CS Connect
With the 2017.0.0 version release of Accounting CS, some user may experience difficulties applying the update through CS Connect. Before transferring these calls to support, review the following to troubleshoot any possible error messages.
  • Check product licensing in EMS to ensure they have renewed Accounting CS.
  • If CS Connect gives a notification that says, "No new updates are available", this message can be bypassed. For assistance, see CS Connect: No new updates are available.
  • If CS Connect updates fail to apply, it will appear the user is caught in an "update loop." They continue to apply updates, but the version never updates. If even one file cannot be replaced during the update process the update will fail. The IT professional for the firm, should complete the steps found in CS Connect updates fail to apply. If needed technical support can help walk users through this process.
04/25/17 UltraTax CS UltraTax CS & Onvio sales bundle

The sales team is offering a special bundle this year for new UltraTax CS customers. The UltraTax CS bundle is a three-year lock-in, and include the licenses listed below. For an example of the EMS licenses for the UT and Onvio bundle, see ID 569254.

  • UltraTax licenses for tax years 2017, 2018, and 2019.
  • Fixed Assets with free technical support through December 31, 2017.
  • Onvio Documents and Onvio Client Center at no cost through October 31, 2020.

New SaaS firm - those without existing local products - will receive Onvio Documents and Onvio Client Center at no cost through October 31, 2017. No discounts are given towards monthly SaaS fees. For an example of the EMS licenses for the SaaS and Onvio bundle, see ID 569254.

Direct customer questions about these bundles to the sales team.

04/01/17 CS Professional Suite End of Big Bill reporting
In an effort to best serve our customer's needs during busy season, we are no longer generating the Big Bill report. For details, see Big Bill reports.
01/18/17 CSA 04/01/17 CSA: 2017 permanent expiration of licenses

All CSA licenses will permanently expire on March 1, 2017. There will be no possibility to renew. Direct external users to, Information about Creative Solutions Accounting expired licenses.

The expired license pdf should no longer be sent when CSA firms call in with questions. Frequently asked questions and answers are also available externally,see CSA license expiration 2017- frequently asked questions.

Support for this product will officially end on June 1, 2017. Upon completing the 2016.0.2 connect update a pop-up message within the program will appear alerting them to the permanent license expiration, see Internal: CSA pop up message after connect update 2016.0.2. All external HHTC topics for CSA and CBS contain the below important note:

Important reminder!

Licenses for Payroll CS, Trial Balance CS, and Write-Up CS will permanently expire on March 1, 2017 (excluding Engagement CS). For more information, see the following topics:

CSA license expiration 2017 – frequently asked questions

Transitioning from CSA to Accounting CS services

03/31/17 UltraTax CS UltraTax CS Connect: 1040 CC listed in PRP tab
After acquiring a 1040 PRP code some user may see 1040 CC listed in the product column instead of 1040 US. If this is the case UltraTax CS will not properly download and apply the code. To resolve this issue support will need to walk the user through decompressing their client. For internal only details, see Internal: UltraTax CS Connect: 1040 CC product listed in PRP tab.
09/1/16 Onvio 03/31/17 Onvio billing or support questions
The Onvio platform currently provides email only assistance to its user base. Any external users calling into the call center for assistance should be directed to reach out to the appropriate group via email. Send requests for technical support to and billing questions to

Refunds or credit requests are handled by the the Onvio Project Manager. If a customer is requesting a refund or credit include the following information in your email message.

  • Firm ID
  • Order number
  • Reason for credit request
03/09/17 CS Professional Suite Update to internal procedures for change of address requests

In an effort to ensure requests to update demographic information are valid the following changes are effective immediately:

At this time CS Web accounts with administrative permissions can still make these requests. We can only accept requests submitted by the licensee. We are currently looking in to ways to restrict this.

02/28/17 CS Professional Suite 03/02/17 Assessing charge back fees

A five percent charge back fee is only applicable when an external user is requesting to change the method of payment on a previously processed renewal. If the request to change the method of payment is made on the same day the renewal was processed, the fee may be waived. For details, see Internal: Return/Refund information.

01/18/17 CSA 03/01/17 CSA: License grace period extended
In order to receive the extended 12.31.17 grace period, the license expiration date must be 3.1.17 or later and the 2016.0.4 version must be loaded. If Accounting CS is renewed through 3.1.18, and their CSA licenses expired between 1.1.17 and 2.28.17, place an EOR to have the CSA expiration date extended to 3.1.17. For additional details about license grace periods, see Internal: Licensing grace periods for all CS Professional Suite applications.
02/01/17 All products Firm security – contacting the Incident Management group

When customers tell us that they were compromised, their identity was hacked, they’ve had a security breach, or any other indication that their information has been compromised, it is important to share this. Send any information you receive via email to Support - Incident Management. This team reviews that information to ensure old EFIN numbers are blocked, and takes necessary steps behind the scenes to make sure any compromised information cannot be used maliciously.