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GoSystem Tax RS is a web based product for which either a monthly or annual subscription fee is paid, see GoSystem Tax RS renewal terms and billing schedule. Limited access will still be available (through the product expiration date) after the contract has ended. The product expiration date can be found in the GoSystem Tax RS browser; choose Support > Accounts > enter the GST ID into the Enter Account field.

After product expiration date, data will no longer continue to be accessible through Thomson Reuter's maintained servers. A plan for maintaining access to archive data needs to be made prior to making a transition away from GoSystem Tax RS. For additional information about canceling a multi-year renewal, see GoSystem Tax RS renewal cancellation. For positioning tips for firms that up for renewal and do not plan to renew, see No Longer Using. For firms transitioning to UltraTax CS, see GoSystem Tax RS to UltraTax CS transition process.

Any inquiries about data retention options from an Enterprise account should be sent by email to the Client Services Team.

Data disks are shipped via UPS 2nd day air and there is tracking information contained in GoWeb.

Use the table below to determine the best data retention plan based on what continued access needs are. For additional details about a specific data retention plan, click the link the the Data retention plan column.

Data retention plan Rollover Amend Prior Years Transmit to RS Create New Returns Add-on Orders Order Via Years Available Price
Base contract, see How to create a base contract Current tax year See the Quick Quote Calculator
RS Hosted Archive, see How to a create a RS Hosted Archive order 2010 and forward See the Quick Quote Calculator
RS Archive- data and program disks, see How to a create an order 2009 only See the Quick Quote Calculator
RS Archive- data disk, see How to a create an order 2009-current tax year See the Quick Quote Calculator

Users considering the purchase of a program disk must be advised that technical support for the installation of CD or RS Archive products is no longer available. An installation guide can be found by entering CD and Archive Versions Installation Guide on to the search field of the Customer Center (OnePass login required). Technical support will not be able to provide a walk through of the installation process, and only minimal support for in-program questions on CD or Archive.

Data retention terms


Amend prior years

Transmit to RS

Data will be purged June 1, 20xx for each year that drops off of availability. For example, on June 1, 2018, the 2007 data will be removed or purged from Thomson Reuters servers and no option of recovery is available.

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Base contract

How to create a base contract

A base contract is created in in the same way as a new quote is, see Creating a new quote in (SFDC). There are some differences:

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RS Hosted Archive

No add-ons can be made to the RS Hosted Archive option, if additional users or locators are required a base contract will have to be purchased.

How to create a RS Hosted Archive order

To create a Hosted Archive order, follow the same steps as creating any new quote in Salesforce, see Creating a new quote in (SFDC). To search for the required Hosted Archive material to add to the quote, choose Short Term License from the Product Family drop-down list. Mark the following materials to add them to to the quote. Choose the materials that correspond to the current tax year.

  • GST Hosted Archive Access
  • GST Hosted Archive Returns, quantity five (5)
  • GST Hosted Archive Users , quantity one (1)
  • GST RS PYA for all currently available tax years
  • Transactional Pricing Addendum

Note: Non-allocated returns should not be included in this order form.

RS Archive data disk

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RS Archive data and program disks

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