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Inquiries from external users about switching from GoSystem Tax RS to UltraTax CS are handled by the Customer Service department. Requests from a core account will be pre-qualified by any Customer Service representative. If a firm decides to move forward, it is handled by the Tax Transition Team. Requests from an enterprise account should be sent by email to the Client Services Team.

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Qualification Tax Transition Team (CS)
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Follow up with the Client Tax Transition Team (CS)

Transitions from GoSystem Tax RS to UltraTax CS do not qualify to receive any UltraTax CS early renewal incentives and can only be considered if the current contract is up for renewal, see GoSystem Tax RS renewal terms and billing schedule.

Transition steps for the Customer Service Representative

The steps a Customer Service Representative must follow can be broken up into three distinct processes; pre-qualification, determining licensing needs, and completing the transition. Complete each as detailed below in order.

Make it clear early on that the transition process will be a team effort between both Sales and a Customer Service Transition Specialist. Sales will further discuss opportunities for training and other products. Set expectations that someone will follow up within 48 hours.


  1. Confirm the account is up for renewal to ensure a transition is possible. Show me how to verify this
    1. Launch SFDC, enter the GST PAN or the ten digit SAP ID into the search field. (Hint, most SAP ID's begin with 100428XXXX.). Click on the firm name to open the account.
    2. Click on Subscriptions link in the Account Information page. Show me.
      SFDC subscription tab
    3. Click the Go to List link located at the bottom of the Subscriptions section. Show me.
      SFDC subscriptions go to list
    4. A full list of all of the current subscriptions will now be available. Click the Contract End Date column heading to sort in descending order to determine when the current contract will be up for renewal.
  2. Discuss renewal pricing and functionality of GoSystem Tax RS to determine the reason for making a switch. The goal here should be to determine whether the driving force is cost or functionality. If functionality concerns are the driver ensure technical support has been fully engaged to resolve before proceeding to the next step.
  3. Complete the pre-qualification process, see PreQualifying GoSystem Tax RS to UltraTax CS transitions. This will help to determine if all, some, or no returns can be converted to UltraTax CS based on the functionality required. Call notes should detail each item covered and responses during the pre-qualification process.
  4. Discuss the licensing models for each product by detailing this information in call notes. Highlight the key differences between GoSystem Tax RS and UltraTax CS as follows:
    • Renewal fees are paid up front for UltraTax CS rather than monthly invoices.
    • Licensing for UltraTax CS is by entity type rather than by a set number of returns that can be prepared. Unlimited licenses or pay per return fees are purchased based on the number of returns prepared by specific entity, see UltraTax CS: Per Return Pricing (PRP) Overview.
    • States are not included with UltraTax CS, potential PRP fees or unlimited state licenses will need to be considered.
    • While a web-based solution is available for UltraTax CS, it is not web-based by default. If this is critical functionality, an additional cost is associated with licensing UltraTax CS as a web-based solution. Review data retention plans for GoSystem Tax RS data, see GoSystem Tax RS data retention plans. While UltraTax CS is not a competitor's product, it is still a new product and retention of archived return data needs to be considered during the transition process.
  5. Leave an open ticket in Flash and inform the caller an estimate with the UltraTax CS licensing that would be required will be provided within 2-3 business days.

Determining licensing needs

  1. Pull usage reports from the GoSystem Tax RS browser to assess which unlimited UltraTax CS licenses should be purchased, see GoSystem Browser Reports.
  2. Send an email to the representatives handling the transition and include the following:
    • Why the transition is being requested.
    • Total number of users needed for UltraTax CS. This number will be used to determine the number of any applicable network seat bundles that may need to be purchased. It will also be used to give an accurate estimate if Virtual Office or Software as a Service pricing is being provided.
    • A copy of the Federal and State usage report.
    • Note: The Federal and State usage reports will be two separate files. Copy and paste the data into a single excel workbook with two tabs, one titled Federal and the other State.
    • Indicate whether pricing for Virtual Office licensing needs to be provided.
    • Note: If hosted or cloud-based solution is required functionality the addition of web-based licensing would be required for UltraTax CS, see Pre-Qualifying GoSystem Tax RS to UltraTax CS transitions.
    • Indicate whether pricing for unlimited electronic filing is needed. Be specific as UltraTax CS licenses separately for unlimited 1040 electronic filing and unlimited business return electronic filings.
    • Note: Electronically filed extensions are considered separate transmissions and should be taken into consideration when determining if unlimited electronic filing is needed. There are two unlimited electronic filing licenses for UltraTax CS; one for 1040 returns and one for all other entities types. It should be determined which are needed by using the GoSystem Tax RS transaction report. This can be requested from the Customer Service Call Resolver. If it is not already owned use the transactional activity report to determine if this should be added. Sort to only show "e-file" activity for Federal returns, FBAR, extensions, and superseded returns.
    • With an estimated number of electronic filing transmissions use the UltraTax CS: Breakeven Tables to determine which unlimited electronic filing licenses may be needed.

Steps for the Tax Transition Rep (CS)

  1. Using the information provided by the CS Representative, complete the GST to UT Estimate Worksheet then follow up with the client. This will reflect unlimited licenses that would be needed in UltraTax CS based on usage. For detailed instructions, see Worksheet Instructions for GoSystem Tax RS to UltraTax CS transition.
  2. After completing the pricing workbook, save a copy of the quote in Flash. Send the user a copy of the Customer View worksheet and the CS Professional Suite price list, the UltraTax CS Brochure, and the UltraTax CS Learn More email, which are all found in MKT by searching for their titles.
    • To save the worksheet as a pdf:
      1. Click the Customer View tab to open the worksheet.
      2. Adjust the page settings by going to File & Print. Under the Settings option choose Landscape Orientation and Fit Sheet to One Page from the drop down lists.
      3. Save the file as a pdf by choosing File & Save As. Enter a file name and select *.pdf from the Save As type drop-down menu.
      4. Click Ok & Save to complete. A copy of the newly created pdf should open automatically. Be sure to point out any cost savings or increases.
      5. Click "Fill & sign" and add a text box to type the "Firm Name UltraTax CS Estimate" then click the X on the right side when compete.
      6. Scroll to the bottom portion of the document, click "Fill & sign" then add comments, and click X when done. Comments include:
        • This is an estimate only.
        • The cost of training is separate and not included in this estimate. Contact Sales for further pricing.
        • Add any other relevant comments/details about proposal estimate.
      7. Save document and present to client.
  3. Communicate with the Sales Representative assigned. If UNA, contact Sales Reception.
    • The assigned Sales Representative should receive a copy of the proposal renewal for UltraTax CS.
    • Advise them to be on standby if the firm moves forward with transition and the firm needs training, or information on web services or other products.
  4. Contact the customer and determine if continued evaluation of UltraTax CS is desired.

While usage data for all entities types needs to be reviewed to determine licensing needs for UltraTax CS, there are not conversions available for all entity types. For information about entities available, see UltraTax CS conversion overview

Completing the transition - Transition Representative (CS)

  1. Once a decision has been made to continue the evaluation of UltraTax CS, ask the client to provide dates and times they would be interested in a live product demonstration (delivered through Webex).
  2. Access the Demo Request tool and complete a request to secure a product demonstration if desired. Include detailed information on any specific functionality that needs to be demonstrated or discussed and the reason for considering a transition. Push the tickets call back date out to follow-up once the scheduled demonstration has been completed.
    1. In the Select service section, choose Tax package private demo, or Tax workflow private demo, depending on your conversation with the customer.
    2. Select a date on the calendar in the left column, and then select an available time from the right column.
    3. In the Add your details section, enter your (not the firm's) name, email, phone number, and any special requests.
    4. In the Provide additional information section, fill out all of the fields with the firm's information.
    5. When you're finished, click Book. An initial confirmation email will be sent, and another one within 24 hours with the WebEx information.
  3. After the product demonstration, contact the external user to determine if they will be moving forward with the purchase of UltraTax CS. If yes, complete the remaining steps below.
  4. Discuss electronic filing requirements. If there is no EFIN application summary on file it must be obtained, regardless of whether software is transitioned.
  5. Push the ticket out for a call-back within 3-4 business days while the sales proposal is created.
  6. Find out if financing for the purchase of UltraTax CS is needed, or if the cost will be paid in full. UltraTax CS licensing does not offer the ability for monthly invoicing. Financing terms can be flexible for this first year only. For financing guidelines, see Maintenance Financing Guidelines and work with a Customer Service Team Leader for requests that deviate from these.
  7. Send a request for a sales proposal via email to Customer Service - TRTA Professional. Requests must include the following information:
    • All UltraTax CS licenses that are being purchased.
    • If financing will be required and the total number of installments.
    • Total value of GoSystem Tax RS renewal.
    • Total purchase price for UltraTax CS.
  8. A Customer Service Team Leader will create the sales proposal within EMS and return it via email. This will act as the order form to purchase UltraTax CS.
  9. After receiving a copy of the sales proposal, email it to the external user along with the UltraTax CS Product Price List.
  10. Once the signed proposal has been returned confirm the e-file status in EMS is approved. See the Viewing status in EMS section of Requirements to electronically file returns.
  11. Obtain a method of payment for the Per Return Pricing account, see UltraTax CS: PRP Account Handling.
  12. If the firm requires UT training, begin by using the resources in Overview of Welcome Services.
  13. Send the client the appropriate Locator Transfer form and the Conversion form to start the conversion from GoSystem Tax RS to UltraTax CS.
    • On the locator transfer form, list each locator number to be converted. Even if all locators will be converted from GoSystem Tax RS to UltraTax CS each individual locator number is required to be listed.
    • The Conversion form can be found on the Customer Center by searching for Conversion and selecting the current year conversion guide and form.
    • The steps for opening a conversion appointment can be found in GTAX by searching conversion or using case 000018049.
    • Transition representative should request to get a copy of the signed proposal form the client. Also add a pop-up/status message in EMS that if it is returned the transition representative needs to be notified to follow up with the firm, and proceed to step 14.
    • The locator transfer fee will be waived. There is no cost to convert from GST to UT beyond the product licensing fee.
  14. After the signed order is received, email the following to ISopsComAdj the GST Team Leader, GST CS Specialist, and GST Sales Manager:
    • Value of UT Renewal (UT licenses only)
    • GST contract value
    • Up-sell: difference between the UltraTax CS Renewal (less FileCabinet CS, Fixed Assets CS, Planner CS) and GST contract value.

Transition steps for the Customer Service Team Leader

  1. Create a new sales proposal within EMS using the information provided by the Customer Service representative.
  2. Add a comment to the proposal indicating that this is a GoSystem Tax RS to UltraTax CS transition.
  3. If the UltraTax CS revenue is greater than the GoSystem Tax RS revenue Order Team will need to know which modules to process as new. For example, UltraTax proposal is $10,000. Last year, the client renewed $8,000 of GoSystem revenue. The current year increase is 6%. Therefore, $8480 is allocated towards retention revenue. New commissionable revenue is $1520.
  4. Each line should be given its own price.
  5. Place an EMS ticket for the MIS team to populate the prior year UltraTax CS licenses due to a GoSystem to UltraTax CS conversion.
  6. Email the sales proposal to the transition representative that made the request.