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The Firm Type code in Flash is used to categorize different types of firms and has an impact on the licensee options for the CS Professional Suite applications. These codes are set by the Sales Representative and can be adjusted by Sales Reception. See the list below for more detail on the most commonly used Firm Type codes.

Note: Any firm with a red bar on the top of the page in Flash or EMS is eligible to have a Firm Delegate regardless of Firm type designation.

Firm Type Code Description Licensee option Example ID for internal only reference
ACCT Accounting Firm Licensee only n/a
BANK Banking Institution Licensee or Delegate n/a
COMPET Competitor Licensee only 334045
CPAP CPA Partnership Licensee only unless also an Enterprise firm n/a
CPAS CPA Sole Proprietor Licensee only n/a
EDINST Education Institution Licensee or Delegate 448740
EDUC Education Classroom Licensee or Delegate 507372
EMPDSC Employee Discount Licensee must be a current Thomson Reuters Employee 402788
EMPINT Employee/Internal Licensee must be a current Thomson Reuters Employee 565785
GOVT Government Agency Licensee or Delegate 138734
LEGAL Legal Firm Licensee or Delegate 525682
MPS myPay Solutions Payroll No product owned 550832
NONA Non-Accounting Firm Licensee or Delegate 200656
REVU Review Evaluation/Internal Licensee only 266769
SBP Service Bureau Payroll Licensee only 401558
SISTER Sister Company Licensee must be a current Thomson Reuters Employee 108341
TEST Test Record Licensee or Delegate 199902
TRDSC Thomson Reuters Discount Licensee must be a current Thomson Reuters Employee n/a
UNK Unknown Licensee 328018

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