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Web text: License Transfer Received Complete: LTTY; License Transfer Incomplete: LTIN

The standard licensing preference for all CS Professional Suite products, is that an individual is responsible instead of the firm name holding the license. The only exception is an Enterprise (or larger) firm or a NONA firm, and it is best practice to have the licensee be the company name. To transfer the products between firms, use the Firm Merge form.

Thomson Reuters can only change the licensee with a License Transfer form. These forms are available to be sent to external users through MKT, and should only be completed by the Customer Service representative involved in the transfer conversation. The representative must add their initials to the form when it is being sent to the customer.

First, ask the right questions

Start by asking a few questions to understand the situation. Is the current licensee still with the firm and will the products continue to be licensed to the same firm ID? The answers to these questions change which form you use, or how the customer is expected to obtain authorized signatures to complete their request.

Thomson Reuters cannot force a licensee to sign a license transfer if there is a dispute within a firm.

Completing a license transfer

  1. Open the firm record in EMS and navigate to Firm Products to see a list of the current products and licensees.
  2. Review product licensing and answer the following questions:
    • Are all licenses current? You cannot transfer expired licenses.
    • Will any firm demographic information change? For information on firm demographic and license changes, review the Guidelines for changing a name, address, and/or licensing information.
    • Do we have current contact information for the new licensee?
    • Is there a change in the EFIN being used? If so, advise the customer to submit a new EFIN Application Summary with updated firm information. If the demographic information has changed, that could prompt the IRS to generate a new EFIN as well.
    • Have any login credentials for prior licensees or employees been removed yet?
    • Are any recurring services being canceled, such as Web Services or a Support Contract? Explain the new licensee will be responsible for those charges once the transfer is complete.
    • Has the Method of Payment been updated? The firm will need to ensure the correct Method of Payment is used for any future payments.
    • Encourage the user to change the license PIN once the transfer is complete. See Managing your license PIN.
  3. The Customer Service Representative will open the License Transfer form on MKT, and complete the form.
    • In the To be Completed by the Current Licensee section, complete the Date of Request, Firm ID, the current and future licensee names, the Software to be Transferred sections.
      • If all products are being transferred, you can indicate "All TR products" in the Software to be Transferred field.
    • In the To be Completed by the New Licensee section, enter the New Licensee Name, Firm Name, and Email Address.
    • If the NetFirm CS Administrator is being changed, enter the Name and Email Address in the For Web Based Product Transfers section. Note that this user must already have a NetStaff CS account created. See Adding NetStaff CS user portals.
  4. Obtain a method of payment for the license transfer fee and enter the last four digits in the Method of Payment section. The customer may also complete this section when they receive the form. We cannot waive the transfer fee unless the licensee is deceased, or the request is initiated by Thomson Reuters. A Customer Service representative or above can approve any exceptions by noting the reason in the Flash notes, and also indicating on the form. A refund of the fee can only be approved by Finance management or above.
    • If there are multiple licensees involved, one form can be completed, and all parties may sign the single form so as to avoid paying the fee several times.
    • If the firm has not included payment information, it is possible to invoice the transfer fee unless there is an EMS note specifying the firm is ineligible to invoice due to poor payment history.
  5. Enter your employee initials in the Initials field.
  6. Save the completed form as a PDF and send it to the customer to complete.
  7. Once returned, route the completed document to Order Team for processing. Order Team will process the form in 5-7 business days. The new licensee will receive an order confirmation once processed.

Firm Delegate

There are several firm types that allow the firm to be the product licensee. These firms will also have a Firm Delegate, and that person is the primary contact and person responsible for the software. These firms need use the Enterprise License Transfer form when changing the licensee.

The types of firms that are eligible to have a Firm Licensee and Firm Delegate are as follows:

In EMS and Flash, the Firm Delegate will have a "Z" next to the contact's name in the Roles column. For more information on contact roles, see Flash and EMS contact role codes. For more information on firm delegates, and how to manage them, see Modifying the firm delegate role.

Enterprise transfer form

Expired products

If the product is able to be renewed, follow the above procedure for transferring the license. If the product is a legacy product, an email can be sent to Licensing & Piracy to remove the current licensee.

Recent sunset or legacy products include Client Bookkeeping Solutions (CBS), Write Up CS, Payroll CS, Payroll Compliance (CSA), Financial Reporter, Classic Web Builder CS, GoSystem Audit, and Practice Solutions.

Current Licensee's signature cannot be obtained

To process a license transfer request the current Licensee's signature must be on the License transfer form. This signature relinquishes the current Licensee from any ownership rights to the software license(s) in question.

No exceptions are made for a Licensee who has left the firm within less than one year. If the firm cannot obtain a signature, they must repurchase the software license(s). For details, see Internal: Repurchase software.

If the current Licensee left the firm more than one year ago, and is not a deceased, incapacitated, or an incarcerated individual, and the firm cannot obtain a signature, a letter may be permitted instead. The following criteria must be met for consideration for this exception:

Once the criteria above is met, request the firm send a letter on company letterhead that is signed by a CEO/CFO/or equivalent. Send the complete letter and applicable license transfer/delegate forms to the CS Licensing Specialist who will work with Licensing and Piracy to see if an exception can be made. The letter must contain the below information:

This does not guarantee a license transfer can occur. The review can take up to seven business days and the decision will be communicated to the CS Licensing Specialist and Customer Service Representative.

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