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Steps to determine the correct licensing for a firm:

  1. Does the firm have the same name across all locations?
    • If yes, go to next question.
    • If no, they do not qualify as a branch and must purchase/renew for each location separately at retail price.
  2. Is the firm loading the software to a terminal server?
    • If yes, go to the next question.
    • If no, the client must purchase/renew for all locations separately.
  3. Does the firm intend to do a single location install of the product(s) at the server level (may be multiple servers at a single location) and share across multiple locations?
    • If yes, the client qualifies for a license purchase/renewal at the firm level and must purchase/renew the applicable TS license with the appropriate number of concurrent seats at the main ID.
      • The Server Based Computing tab in the EMS Multi-Office Record module must be updated appropriately to show where the software is loaded and which other locations are accessing.
    • If no, the client must purchase/renew for all locations separately.

There is functionality in all CS Professional Suite programs that detects if the software is loaded into a Terminal Server environment and will shut down if a TS network license is not owned.

This licensing policy applies to all CS Professional Suite products. GoFileRoom and GoSystem Tax are accessible in online environments only so they just need to have the appropriate number of seats for all locations (and have all locations marked in EMS). 

Remote Access

Unless the access is from an appropriately licensed (as defined above) multi-office firm location, it is an unsupported environment. There is nothing stopping the customer from accessing remotely using a myriad of remote access tools available today such as VPN, GoToMyPC, Logmein, PCnow, TeamViewer and many others, however; these are unsupported environments. 

Third-Party Servers

For clients utilizing a third-party company as their server provider (the server they use is owned and operated by a third-party company such as Cloud 9), the TS license is required with the appropriate number of concurrent users. Third-party hosted situations will be supported in accordance with our license terms. 

Purchase/Renewals Previous to 10-05-12

We will not proactively seek out firms that are licensed inappropriately. As the firm renews/purchases programs in the future or something triggers suspicion of piracy, the rep must work with the firm using the guidelines above to ensure compliance moving forward.  Any new products required to ensure compliance (either for other offices or TS network seats) will be sold as a renewal at renewal pricing. 

How to create a new the Multi Office Record (MOR) in EMS

This process can be completed by a Customer Service Senior or above, or anyone in Sales administration, or on the finance team.

  1. Open the main firm in EMS.
  2. In the Firm Information screen, select the Multi-Office button to view or create a new MOR.
  3. If you are prompted to search for a MOR code, enter part of the firm's name to search for any possible firms duplications or the same name. 
    • If you do not find a match, move to step four.
    • If you find a match, select the matching firm and verify records. A duplicate MOR should not be created.
  4. Select Create MOR in the window. 
  5. Create a unique MOR code for the firm. This is internal-only and should resemble the firm name.
  6. Enter the full firm name in the description line.
  7. Click the Create MOR button.
    • Add additional firms by clicking the Add Firm button and entering the firm ID.
  8. Click Save on the lower right once all changes have been made.

Additional information on the MOR screen

Document Change/Update Log

03/19/14 TEC Created document based on DMS 10/5/2012 meeting notes.