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Updating renewal plans in EMS is an integral part of maintaining accurate renewal records and generating new renewal campaigns. If a firm has indicated they are not interested in renewing, the renewal plans in EMS need to be updated to accurately reflect the conversation. Use the following steps to update a renewal to show they are not renewing (also referred to as NLU or NUI a product).

For a list of the EMS renewal and loss codes, see EMS renewal and loss codes.

Note: Competitor firms like ID 561022 are renewed for $0 and are handled with Licensing & Piracy.

How to update a product that is not being renewed

  1. Open the Firm ID in EMS, then click on the UT Renewal button.
  2. Find the products to update in the Renewal Plans/No Longer Using pop up window. You will need to edit each line item that is being updated for the product family.
    • For example, if a firm is licensed for Accounting CS and Accounting CS Payroll, both licenses will need to have the following steps taken.
  3. In the Ren. Plans column, select NLU if the firm is not renewing.
  4. In the Notes* field, indicate the loss reason. This could be cost, a location closing, a retirement, or any other reason they give for not renewing.

    Note: If the firm is leaving for a competitor software, indicate the competitor name first, then notes about cost, a merger, or the reason.

  5. Click the NLU* checkbox.

    Note: see the product-specific NLU instructions below for any GoSystem RS, GoFileRoom, Web services, or Practice CS requests.

  6. In the Loss Reason* field, a drop down menu will appear when clicked. Choose the closest loss reason for the firm not renewing.
  7. Click the Choose Competitors button, click Select All, then click in the Competitors: menu drop down to select the competitor. Choose None if the business is closing.
  8. Click Apply to Selected then click Save to close the Competitor Choice pop up box.
  9. Click Save to close the Renewal Plans/No Longer Using screen.

Note: For firms not renewing because of EFIN requirements or login security requirements, indicate this in the Notes field.

How to remove an NLU from a product 

  1. Open theFirm in EMS and then click on the UT Renewal button.
  2. Delete the text in the Notes section and uncheck the NLU Box.
  3. Save the changes.
  4. Once saved in EMS, the products will appear as active in Firm Products. Flash will be updated overnight.

There will be circumstances when this will not update immediately. If that is the case, unmark the NLU* checkbox, click Save, and do the NLU process a second time.

What happens after an NLU status has been applied?

Product-specific NLU instructions

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