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An electronic filing identification number (EFIN) is the unique number issued by the IRS to individuals or firms that have been approved as authorized IRS e-file providers. In order to electronically file returns within UltraTax CS or GoSystem Tax RS a copy of the IRS e-file application summary must be provided. Based on the application being used for tax return preparation direct external users as follows for additional information.

For firms electronically filing in UltraTax CS or Accounting CS, send the application summary to For GoSystem Tax RS, send summaries to The subject line of the email must contain the firm ID. The Summary must include the current firm name, current address, and the tracking number. More details on handling the Summary are found in the internal notes section of the E-file application summary and EFIN requirement overview article.

Using EMS to review the e-file approval status

If a firm is still disabled from electronic filing after checking the steps below, see the Restoring e-file services when e-filing is disabled article for troubleshooting help.

GoSystem Tax

E-File approval status will be displayed as a pop-up message in EMS, stating "EFILE Approved-GST". Show me.

GST Approved

Firms using both GoSystem Tax RS and UltraTax CS will not have a pop-up messaged added in EMS. To verify approval status for these accounts follow the UltraTax CS guidelines.

UltraTax CS

E-file approval status is available within EMS. A pop-up message, stating "E-Filing has been disabled for this firm" indicates this firm's e-file abilities have been disabled. Direct external users to IRS e-file application summary required prior to e-filing with UltraTax CS for more information.

  • E-file approval status will be displayed on the Firm Information screen in the E-File Approved field.
  • If the E-File Approved field is empty the firm either does not own or subscribe to any tax products, or has not yet submitted their e-file acceptance letter from the IRS. Show me.
    E-file No
  • If the E-File Approved field displays "Yes", this indicates that an e-file application summary has been received and the firm is approved to e-file. Show me.
    E-file Yes
  • If the firm indicates they will not be providing the required information mark as E-File disabled and a reason must be provided and selected from the drop down. It is imperative that it be communicated that e-file will not be available, and this should also be documented in Flash notes. 

Reviewing additional details

Additional details surrounding e-file approval status can be viewed within EMS. This can be helpful if there are questions around the correctness of approvals status, when e-file was disabled (or enabled), and by whom. Click the E-File Approved button in the Firm Information window to open the Status and Message. The following information can be found in this window:

  • If e-file is disabled, the checkbox next to "E-file is disabled" will be marked and a reason listed in the drop-down menu next to it.
  • If e-file is approved, the checkbox next to "E-file is approved" will be marked. This is what will trigger the E-File Approved field in the Firm Information window to display "Yes."
  • To see who marked either check box and when, click the History button and look for a message related to e-filing. If there is a question surrounding whether the current status is valid, this will give you a day and set of initials to look for in call notes.
  • If a firm is disabled for e-filing and questioning this status, contact the Customer Service Resolver for additional assistance.

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